Tea Partiers Turn Against Their Own in Wisconsin

Many 99ers seem baffled by the fact that the public workers unions so easily brought their issue to the streets.  Many 99ers seem to think that they possess magic that we just do not have.  And the fact is they do.  The public workers unions spent $30 million to organize the protesters and get them into action.  The sad fact is most 99ers can’t afford to go a mile from their house and back. 

The thousands of public sector workers who were on the streets yesterday were met by counter protesters composed of Tea Partiers who had been bused in.  Well I have a message for those Tea Partiers.  You have just gone against your own people for those who have been robbing you blind.  I   think it was in the movie, “Gangs of New York” where the rich man said, “You can always pay one half the poor to kill the other half.” 

You Tea Partiers are going against your fellow Americans for an illegitimate and unconstitutional government.  In fact you should not even be calling yourself Tea Partiers.  Our forefathers rebelled against their government, not their fellow Americans who were just trying to make a living.  And I say you are about to get exactly what you deserve. 

Imagine this if your little pea brains can manage.  You march behind the government that has proven itself to be the right hand of the rich man you work for.  If you are successful in your stupidity three or four million more Americans will lose their jobs this year; and you as the righteous ones will have the only jobs left that we are all going to be competing for. 

I sincerely hope a man or woman you have put out of work goes to your employer and offers to do your job for less money, and then gets your job.  After which you have to suffer through 99 weeks wherein you lose your home, have to cash out your retirement, and are eventually forced to live out on the street.  This is what you deserve as you are cowards who do not have the guts to go out and take back our wealth that has been stolen by the banksters; as it is so much safer for you to flex your little green weenie muscles by turning on your own like a pack of hyenas, while you are still licking the boots of your oppressors.

American workers do not go against American workers when they are under attack by the robber barons.  I will tell you Tea Partiers something else.  By the time the next election rolls around, the unemployed will have more votes than you, and by then it will have become part of our interest to see you suffer as we have.  You are good government butt suckers.  We will see what the government you love so much does for you when it is your turn to be out on the streets.

I have never been pro union but I am, by God, pro worker.  And I will never be so stupid as to think that this corporate controlled government would ever help one group of workers at the expense of another without having the destruction of both as their ultimate goal. 

As for you Tea Partiers out there who do not agree with the treason your compatriots are committing, I would strongly suggest that you contact every one of them you can and let them know that you will no longer support an organization that supports attacks on American workers in any sector.  I tell you, think about this long and hard, it is your job and standard of living that your fellow Tea Partiers are helping to destroy.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Henry, excellent article. It is a fact that 50% of government workers are highly overpaid paper pushing clerks. Just as Pres Reagan replaced the skilled air-traffic controllers, these people could easily be replaced with 99ers that would work for several dollars less an hour and be very grateful, hell, they would work overtime for free. Training? yeah, that would take a few DAYS! I for one would do it and be happy with no pension at all! The country would save BILLIONS! The 99ers would get some breathing room and 4-5 million others could experience the pain we have first hand. Then the number of people who truely understand the devastation being inflicted on the workers of America would grow and our leaders would have to react or we would have an Eyptian type of event. It’s coming soon!

    1. Help Needed,
      I don’t think you understand the true meaning of the article. Your suggestion of 99ers taking public workers’ jobs cheaper is exactly what our enemies want. If we just keep cutting each other’s throats at the work place we will wind up working for our food and a place to lay our heads like the Chinese.
      We are in a depression. The American workers cannot turn on one another in any situation; otherwise our enemies will just keep taking more of the little we have and giving it to the rich.
      You do realize that Wisconsin’s budget deficit, like the national deficit is a direct result of implementing more tax cuts for the rich. In Wisconsin they are not going to give anything back to the Tea Partiers protesting, they are just agreeing to take it from someone else.
      Remember when they took our retirement pensions and 401Ks? Well that is what they want to do in the public sector now. The fact is all the revenue shortfalls are a direct result of theft. People are too cowardly to go after the thieves. Why don’t those Tea Partiers march on Washington DC demanding arrest and prosecution of the Bankers who stole $22 trillion from us? That is where our jobs went. The people working in the public sector did not take them.
      I think any of us attacking the public sector had better remember that those serving in our military are also public employees and when the rubber meets the road it will be these public employees that will make up our front line defense and lead us in our revolution.
      The fact is they use teachers because they spent the last six months demonizing them in an attempt to turn their fellow citizens against them.
      Remember, the guy who puts your house out when it catches on fire, the guy who drags your bleeding carcass out of a wrecked car and saves you, and your neighbor who is running a mail route and barely surviving, these are also public employees.
      This is a terrible situation and we as Americans must guard every job left jealously. If we want to go after someone for money the villains who have stolen from us are right there in our faces laughing at us every day on our television screen.
      Your heart is in the right place as I realize that those public employees took no action to help us when things went bad. But neither did private workers. This was a mistake. We cannot repeat it as we must unite as one people, public, private, and entrepreneur if we are to win in our cause.

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more.
        (Henry, I’m forwarding an email to you that I received today. The link holds info. that I have yet to read/hear about. Let me know if you have. Thanks.)

        1. Angel-NYC
          This is the first I’ve heard of it. Could be the American 99ers Union. It is not a bad idea but if we can’t even find out who’s doing it how are we going to organize?
          Personally it is over one hundred miles from where I am at to where my constituent would be, so I don’t think I am going to start making a sign.
          As I said in this article, the unions presently protesting took $30 million to organize. I think before we are going to be able to affectively protest there is going to have to be coordination between a couple of million of us. This being the case there should be enough of us everywhere to organize to protest.
          Even the Egyptians had their cell phones and twitter, and of course our CIA to help them along.
          If you find out more please let me know. I would genuinely love to see the 99ers start protesting if there is any way that that could be made possible.
          You could certainly put the idea up on the Rally or Think Tank page if you would like.

          1. Thanks Henry. I’d like more information before I put it on “Rally.” I’ll forward future emails to you. I respect your opinion. For reasons I’d rather not get into, I want no part of Facebook or Twitter. Big Brother has been in our business for decades, now more than ever. My Dad (WWII, Special Forces) taught me to be very careful.

      2. I aplogize, I did go off, I’m so frustrated I sometimes loose my ability to reason, this is yet another result of economic oppression. Of course I support the public workers of WI. But its getting to the point of dog eat dog. When I really get hungry I won’t be attacking any public worker, I’ll be looking for that mercedes benz coming down the road.
        Thanks for understanding.

  2. YOU don’t need 30 million dollars to PROTEST, we go down to dc and let them know ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Total disruption of commerce, traffic, make sure that Mitch McConnell can’t get out of the damn building! ONE million plus would turn DC upside down on its ass. LOOK at the aerial shots with 250K GLEN BECKS rally, now place 750K plus more people, they would bleed into fucking Maryland! How did the fucking hippies get to Woodstock during the 60’s?



    PS: Hey the math questions are getting harder LOL

  3. Henry, I nearly got whiplash sitting here shaking my head in total agreement with your article and your comments. The Powers That Be want us to turn on each other. It’s divide and conquer, and they know full well that things are desperate out here and some people will anything in order to survive.

  4. Only thank you, thought I was missing some bagger’s profound point. Read a book at 16, that was 52 years ago, that gives me hope, The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody.

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