Middle East Plan Progressing on Schedule

Violence in Libya is escalating as their government is making an attempt to stifle all reporting on the situation there.  This being the case the reports coming out of Libya are unconfirmed as eyewitness accounts.  The unconfirmed reports are saying that the government security forces are attacking protesters using vicious and deadly tactics.  There are reports of funeral processions being fired on.  And one report said a helicopter opened up on a crowd with machine gun fire. 

Best estimates have the death toll at two hundred with scores more injured, causing hospitals to be overrun to the point that they cannot provide adequate care for the casualties.

Elsewhere in the Middle East, two Iranian ships moved through the Suez Canal, one frigate and one cargo ship.  Whether the two ships have finished the journey through the canal is unconfirmed at the writing of this article.  It is reported that the ships are destined for Syria where they will participate in war games with the Syrian military. 

The whole scenario is causing heightened tensions in Israel as Syria sets on their border and is indeed hostile towards them.  It is reported that the Israelis believe Iran is taking advantage of the chaos in the Middle East to strengthen its position against the Israelis. 

It has also now entered the realm of discussion that a consolidated Muslim empire may be emerging from the chaos the protests have resulted in.  It would seem that the picture of the true intent is becoming clearer, a United Muslim States under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

I guess the conspiracy theories in reference to the true intent are slowly but surely becoming conspiracy fact.  I guess our CIAs involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood was a good thing after all as the mainstream media seems to now be pushing the idea that they really aren’t all that bad.

The assertion is also being put forth that the Muslim Brotherhood opposes the Taliban clearing the path for America to cozy up to the Brotherhood.

Of course it must be noted that Iranian warships passing through the Suez Canal could not have done so under Egypt’s President Mubarak, in fact their warships have not been allowed to pass through the canal for the past thirty years.  It was indeed the Egyptian military counsel, which is said to be highly influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood, which allowed the passage. 

This being the case let’s take this conspiracy theory further.  The Arab world is united under the Muslim Brotherhood with the United States’ blessings.  Afterwards they betray us by attacking our best buddies the Israelis, after which we intervene, defeat the Arabs, and the Middle East is left under Israeli control and dominance.  And of course as the Israelis will control all the oil in the Middle East the United States would be further influenced by them.  Then the one world order could proceed in the final stages of their redistricting of the planet in accordance with their preconceived model.

God protect us from the ambitions of evil.

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