Terrorist leading the ISIS rampage in Iraq was released from custody by Obama admin in 2009

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The jihadist leading the ISIS’s bloody tear through the heart of Iraq was in US custody from 2005 to 2009.  His name is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and the only reason he is fighting today is because the Obama administration let him go.

from Telegraph:  

Taken during his years as a detainee at the US-run Camp Bucca in southern Iraq, this is the only known photograph of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the new leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria. But while he may lack the photogenic qualities of his hero, Osama bin Laden, he is fast becoming the new poster-boy for the global jihadist movement.

Well-organised and utterly ruthless, the ex-preacher is the driving force behind al-Qaeda’s resurgence throughout Syria and Iraq, putting it at the forefront of the war to topple President Bashar al-Assad and starting a fresh campaign of mayhem against the Western-backed government in Baghdad.


“This guy was a Salafi (a follower of a fundamentalist brand of Islam), and Saddam’s regime would have kept a close eye on him,” said Dr Michael Knights, an Iraq expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

“He was also in Camp Bucca for several years, which suggests he was already considered a serious threat when he went in there.”


That theory seems backed by US intelligence reports from 2005, which describe him as al-Qaeda’s point man in Qaim, a fly-blown town in Iraq’s western desert.

“Abu Duaa was connected to the intimidation, torture and murder of local civilians in Qaim”, says a Pentagon document. “He would kidnap individuals or entire families, accuse them, pronounce sentence and then publicly execute them.”

Why such a ferocious individual was deemed fit for release in 2009 is not known. One possible explanation is that he was one of thousands of suspected insurgents granted amnesty as the US began its draw down in Iraq.

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Camp Bucca Detention Center, where al-Baghdadi was imprisoned, was closed by the Obama administration in September 2009, less than a year after Obama took office.

This story should put into perspective how massive a mistake President Obama’s decision to release five Taliban generals in exchange for Army deserter Bowe Bergdal really was.

While Democrats were out in force today claiming that the new violence in Iraq is still all somehow Bush’s fault, this mess is entirely Obama’s.  We can only hope that the five Taliban terrorist he released last week don’t turn around and do the same in Afghanistan.

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One thought on “Terrorist leading the ISIS rampage in Iraq was released from custody by Obama admin in 2009

  1. Gee…..imagine that. Should we be surprised?

    Barry’s administration is probably funding the guy. Another Al-Qaeda offshoot to keep the war on terror going. After all, he needs to take those troops being withdrawn from Afghanistan and put them somewhere. Can’t have them coming back and dethroning him and his goons from his Oval Office chair and the White House.

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