Texas Republicans Inch Closer to Secession

Mother Jones – by Josh Harkinson

If the nationalists get their way, this November might be the last time Texans vote for a US president.

On Wednesday, the Platform Committee of the Texas Republican Party voted to put a Texas independence resolution up for a vote at this week’s GOP convention, according to a press release from the pro-secession Texas Nationalist Movement. The resolution calls for allowing voters to decide whether the Lone Star State should become an independent nation.  

Texas was, in fact, its own country for nine years before joining the United States in 1845, and while the idea of returning to independence has never been taken seriously by most people, it remains popular as a romantic notion and marketing hook. Lone Star beer is the “national beer of Texas.” Texas Monthly is the “national magazine of Texas.” In a 2009 rally, then-Governor Rick Perry hinted that the state could secede if “Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people.” He later backed off of the idea. (Representatives of the state GOP and Texas Nationalist Movement could not be reached for comment.)

The Texas Nationalist Movement, once considered a quixotic fringe group, has added hundreds of members in the years since the election of Barack Obama. According to the Houston Chronicle‘s Dylan Baddour, at least 10 county GOP chapters are coming to the convention supporting independence resolutions. But this will be the first time in the state’s 171-year history that they will actually vote on one. It’s very unlikely to win. Then again, that’s what people said about Donald Trump.


4 thoughts on “Texas Republicans Inch Closer to Secession

  1. If the Texas Repiblic is reborn, I’m moving there – as long as they ditch the Admiralty and International banking crap. Oh, and expelling the Masons would be a nice touch, too.

    1. You Forgot the international Jews, the dual citizens who play against all nations but Their homebase,

    2. As for ditching the Admiralty and their yellow-fringe flag, I doubt they will, and as for the International Banking crap, not likely but with the gold depository it is possible. Having seen how Rick McLaren completely botched the “Republic of Texas” movement (and a faction that disagreed with McLaren went on to form the Texas Nationalist Movement, which I know for a fact was also infiltrated by the Feds and others, so I do not trust it), and knowing the surest way to secession is through the Legislature and Conventions—the Texas establishment if you will–I am not sure secession would be much better for We the People (of Texas, anyway).

  2. Similar to “State of Jefferson”, (my blessed neighbors)
    Every time I hear this story in where ever it happens it always is poo pooed by the article/source even before reaching the starting gate.

    IF I may, and IF you are still listening…
    MY Opinion is….

    Mother Jones is a booby trap

    I ask, might this be re-written in a Positive Light without using these liberal socialist euro agenda 21 (Now agenda 2030) sources that poo poo it from the starting chute.

    rag Mother FN j ones (who has multi-premise spun all fucked up) to an false appearance of majority group hate of succession (or anything that goes back to the Constitution) always a majority HATE the idea message.

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