The 2011 Economic Boom

Overnight the US has gone into an economic boom.  Come to find out we were never in a recession.  Stocks are soaring, unemployment is down, and the quarterly GDP came in at a staggering rise of 2.5%.  Who in the hell do they think they are fooling with this crap?  The quarterly GDP is up for the same reason it goes up every time this year.  We call it the harvest.

One year ago they were pushing this same lie and we were calling it a lie, because it is a lie.  The propagandists are saying that unemployment is down in spite of the fact that this week there were 402,000 new jobless claims.  The number of laid-off workers receiving benefits dropped to 3.65 million, the lowest level in three years.  The propagandists are trying to say that a whole bunch of long term unemployed went back to work in the same breath that they are saying that there were 402,000 new jobless filings.

The number of people drawing unemployment long term dropped because hundreds of thousands more long term unemployed ran out of benefits.  Again, who in the hell do they think they are fooling?

And why did the stock market shoot up?  Because sixteen European countries bailed out the banksters in Greece to the tune of 110 billion Euros, which is equivalent to $155.57 billion.  Think about it.  Do you really believe a measly $155 billion is all it would take to fix our economy?  Not to mention the fact that the $155 billion went to Greece.  Stocks shot up because the banksters just pumped another 155 billion debt dollars into the system.

Also consider the fact that Obama wants $400 billion in stimulus for his jobs bill and even the Demoscums are saying this measly $400 billion is not enough to fix anything.  Again, who in the hell do they think they are fooling?

Well I’m going to tell you who in the hell they think they are fooling.  Those among us still fortunate enough to be employed have $3 trillion tied up in 401Ks and mark my words; the international corporate mafia is coming for them.

There is a parade of economists throughout the mainstream propaganda machine, speaking in unison and saying it is time for everyone to invest, you know like they were pushing people to invest back in 2008 when these very same economists, who lost not a dollar in the collapse, bought up those bad derivatives with people’s 401Ks.  After which those 401Ks lost everything.

Well there are still $1000 trillion worth of those bad derivatives floating around out there in cyber space and these corporate thieving investment advisers are getting ready to buy $3 trillion worth of them with the last retirement accounts left in the US.  And if the people who own those retirement accounts are stupid enough to let them do it, all we can do is sit back and watch.

Bank stocks began to soar when this $155 billion was injected, not because a measly $155 billion can even cause an effect, but because of the $3 trillion that these banks are going to make in profits when they cash out those 401Ks.  They used the $155 billion to run the stock market up a few hundred points, which we all know can be lost in a single afternoon.

We must realize this has been set up on a wide scale.  Before those holding the 401Ks can even think the situation through, their money is going to be dumped into this market, and oh yes, it is going to go up because we are talking real wealth now.  And then while those who have already been wiped out suffer through another winter, those who still had something left are going to watch it disappear.  Those foreign bank accounts where the corporate profits are stashed around the world are going to get even fatter.

And then, what do you know, a double dip housing bubble collapse, more massive job losses, hundreds of thousands more foreclosures, tens of thousands more small businesses wiped out, and while all this is occurring, the corporate elite will be making record profits because their profits are the theft.

Anyone who buys into this bullshit deserves what they get.  As for the rest of us who have already been screwed, well Merry Christmas, because the rest of this year is only going to get worse.  There are not going to be any jobs, in fact corporations will continue to export our jobs to make even more profit on top of the $3 trillion they are stealing from the 401Ks.

Well I’m going to go puke now while there is still some food in my stomach.  I promise you by next Spring, we are all going to have the dry heaves and I’m going to be pulling this article out to tell you, “I told you so” just like I’m going to pull out an article I wrote last November.  Read this article and think about what has occurred in the year since it was written and then take a good long minute and ask yourself if you are going to buy into any of this bullshit they are telling us today.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Yup, and to top it all off the cost of living for the necessary everyday staples continues to rise as assets continue to deflate in value. There is a distinct probability that in the forseeable future we are going to be facing runaway inflation. The msm goverment sponsored econs aren’t speaking about it but if you look at the growth of the money supply on a month to month basis, I don’t see how it can be contained or discounted. You know the Fed will continue to print since it’s what they do, and even though the ECB is resisting that course, they will inevitably do the same. How can they not. Once this genie leaves the bottle, putting it back in is like putting toothpaste back in the tube. Inflation comes out of nowhere, just like the digital money they create.

  2. Henry, You mention to look back at your article from a year ago. One year ago we were fighting to have further UI benefits beyond the 99 weeks. That was our cause. As we all know that never happened, we seemed so close at times, what happened to our momentum. To this day Obama has never used the term “99er”, then the republican scumbags started in with cut back every fuckin program out there. When we asked for a little extension the rich said “Oh Yeah” how bout we take everything back! They changed the whole conversation around on us, and they were winning until the Occupy movement started. Now it is us saying to them “Oh Yeah” We want it all back! FU! We’re coming after you now!!!!

    1. james byrnes,
      The 99er movement was gaining momentum. You will notice after From the Trenches was removed from Google News back in July, you virtually do not hear the word “99er” anymore. I believe this is why the term “99%” just appeared and became dominant overnight. If those protesters out on Wall Street were carrying around signs that said “99ers” they would be identified as the long term unemployed, formerly of the middle class, which would have made it hard to demonize as un-American.
      Rather than 99ers who want their Constitution back, a false reality of 99%, who do not know what they want with Communists attempting to infiltrate and hijack, is what is being portrayed. They know who we are and they will do anything to make us seem otherwise, but it is not going to work as there are tens of thousands of new 99ers joining our ranks every day.

      1. Let’s c….could this meen that the whole…like…uh.. all thu money and stuff of the people that just…uh…sort of …like…disapered actually re-appeerd in the pockits of the alredy soopur rich? C’mon! That’s rediculus! It just was lost into one of those…uh…yeah…that’s it…I got it now! One of those black holes we here about….I mean that must be it…rite?

        And…and…uh…that’s why the peple have to pay it all bak right? I mean…cuz it was uh…a akcident…like…or sumthin”….C’mon everybody! Geez! Otherwize that would be…uh steeling….well woultnt it? Well…aktually…that would be like dubble steeling or sumthin’ like that! Dont be silly…that kind of stuff just can’t happen anymore cuz…uh…well….cuz this is America! Yeah….that’s why…so thure!

        Anyways…I hear Kristina Agilerra and Bruce Springsteen are putting out a new song and rock video that explayns it all…so just never mind all this complayning ok? And thures gonna be a movie preety soon too….always is…rite? I meen…c’mon…what do WE no? Rock on evrybudy! It all good! Crank up sum m’n’m and chill!

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