Expanding Unemployment Benefits to those Hardest Hit

First Published 11-6-10

Yesterday the mainstream media was blowing sunshine up our arses like a hurricane.  It brought back memories of when we were told that the recession had been over since 2009.  The headline everywhere was 159,000 private sector jobs were created in the month of October.  We have these places in America, they are called farms, and every October they hire people to harvest their crops.  I believe that in November we are going to see an unexpected decrease in private sector jobs as the harvest will be over.  These people truly believe us to be ignorant.  The fact is quantitative easing will begin soon and we are going to see more job losses as a result.

President Obama said in a speech yesterday, “Extending unemployment benefits to help those hardest hit by the downturn”.  He did not define who those hardest hit are.  Is it you, I, the guy or gal down the street, the person who lost their job two years ago, or the person who lost their job yesterday?

I think he is deliberately being vague and not mentioning Tier 5 because that’s the way the unemployment legislation is going to be.  It is like the unemployed out there who have only received 20 weeks of unemployment because they did not fit into a certain slot.  The legislation will probably say that you will have had to of lost your job to a Martian on Thursday, December 32- 1939 to be eligible for benefits.

After the speech, our so called president boarded Air Force One and took off for his Asian tour.  And apparently a score of rich corporate CEO’s are going with him and we will be paying their freight.  But hey, it’s only money and it is going to filthy rich people who evidently can’t afford their own trip.

Obama said he would be negotiating with India to open up their markets to American made goods.  I believe this consists of Lego’s and Monopoly Games as I’ve seen these two items being pushed front and center for the last couple of days.  I think Obama needs to play a game of Monopoly and when he’s done, he needs to ask himself, is there more money to be made on Boardwalk or Mediterranean.

When this country was in its heyday we sold planes, train, and automobiles of the highest quality in the world to Europe.  You see, Europe had something we wanted.  It’s called real wealth in the form of precious metals and stones.  And what does India have?  Oh yeah, dirt cheap labor.

I believe that right now we are paying for the business people, who have hurt us the most, to go to India and pick out sites where they intend to place the last of our industrial base when the quantitative easing finishes destroying our dollar and we are completely wiped out as an economic power in the world.

The world politburo (G20 Summit) will be meeting in Seoul, South Korea on November 11th and 12th and Barry will be attending as a part of his Asian tour.  After which we will be finding out the true consequences of our having belittled the G20’s authority in voting the incumbents out.  I would be real surprised if we are not in another war within three months, probably with Iran.

It seems that the more the traitors in this country are exposed, the more emboldened they are becoming.  Obama has the nerve to come out four days after the election and act as if the problems brought forth in it have already been solved.  Not a week ago we were being told that private business would not create any jobs until the Bush Tax Cuts for the filthy rich were extended.  Today they are saying that they have been creating jobs all along and that if there is a problem, it is a small one, which is essentially fixing itself.  They treat us like children in goading us into believing in Santa Clause for the sake of the promise of presents on Christmas.

I tell you, Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama, while you are in Asia visiting your boyhood home; you had better procure another handful of passports as you are going to need them when Christmas rolls around in this country.  As your statement, “Expanding unemployment to those hardest hit”, is as empty on its face as every other con man terminology you have used in duping the people of this country.

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