The ADHD Scam: Turning “Boredom” Into a Disorder

Published on Mar 3, 2014 by Red Pill Philosophy (can you handle my videos?)

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3 thoughts on “The ADHD Scam: Turning “Boredom” Into a Disorder

  1. I think that a lot of these brain disorders are a result of bad nutrition. and all these GMO`s being fed to every body.
    I have alwys believed that good nutrition feeds that brain and I have been told that the brain is the biggest chemical factory there is – in otherwords if the brain doesn`t produce a chemical then there is no way a chemical the brain can be affected by said chemical.
    These chemicals like ritalin, coke, heroin, ect, are all naturally produced in the brain already and these chemicals just increase those levels in the brain artificially – that is why some of these drug tests are unreliable because some peoples brains produce higher levels of these chemicals in the brain and some peoples brains produce less. Endorphins and dopamine are two good examples.

    1. When I attended grade school, I hated History class. I thought that what happened 100 years ago has no bearing on my present day or future.

      If my teacher taught true History, rather than the School Establishment Revisionists’ History, I would have been more interested and compelled to listen.

      Fortunately, I woke-up over 35-years ago to the way politics work. I still think like I’m 19-years-old (but my body tells me otherwise). However, I became wiser with the discovery that knowledge is power. Too bad that I didn’t come to this realization when I was 10-years-old.

      Unfortunately, the public school teachers are forced to teach a standard curriculum, which is often incomprehensively boring. Any teacher who would dare to use alternate methods of instruction will quickly find themselves in the unemployment line. There are good private schools if parents can afford them; otherwise the public education system in the USA will remain the same: grossly inadequate… just the way TPTB intended it to be.

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