6 thoughts on “The Beat of Fascism Is In The Air

  1. I believe that move is called the Horah Headphone Bump. Typically used when listening to the Hava Nagila when one doesn’t have enough room to dance.
    Other slang terms for this move include:
    The Jew Jerk
    The Talmud Twist
    The Torah Twerk
    The Rabbinic Roll

  2. More Zionist propaganda served to the unwashed masses by “patriots” suffering from substandard education and feeble cognitive ability.
    Hey Cowboys! Yea, you, drinking your beer on that lawn chair in front of your trailer, contemplating the miracle of Jonah living in the belly of a whale for three days. I understand math class was rough for you, so you might not be able to complete this task: Google “symbols of fascism” and hit “images”. Amongst the misleading images of Hitler, Nazis and Mussolini, you will observe the images of bundles of reeds loosely held together by leather wraps and sometimes topped with an ax head.
    These images depict the original meaning of Fascism as developed during the Grecian/ Roman Empires. Sculpture in the Halls of Congress and the chair Lincoln sits on in his famous sculpture also display bundles of fascia.
    Fascia are unusually thin and brittle reeds that are easily broken. Bundled together, however, they become strong and powerful. Fascia represent the little people, the working poor, who have no political power individually. When they unite, especially under democratic government models, they can become powerful enough to rule and have their interests served.
    The loose bindings represent the government, never allowed to be too powerful. Just loosely binding helping the people unite. The ax head represents power attained through unity.
    The controllers (Zionists) have effectively changed the definition of Fascism 180 degrees. Originally, it represented the 99%. Now it represents the 1% and is defined as the merger of government and corporations. That way, if someone reads original reports written at the time of Hitler and Mussolini that refer to the populist leaders as Fascists, they will assume that the two Fascist leaders were in bed with the rich and powerful. The very opposite is true. Hitler ripped off almost all wealth from the rich and used it to create PREVAILING RATE JOBS for unemployed Germans, as well as free public education through college (for those who qualified), free health care , and subsidized homes for couples bearing children (provided they could document three generations of healthy German blood)
    Fascism is mob rule of the socially and economically disenfranchised. Fascism = Democracy. In pre-WW2 Germany, the Aryan Germans were the socially and economically disenfranchised. In America today, the Aryan Americans are quickly becoming the socially and economically disenfranchised under the same Zionist rule that plagued Germany before the rally of the Aryan German people around Hitler.
    Cowboy: If you have any problem researching the history of Fascism, find a home-schooled 7-year-old to help you.
    There is no better proof that the Patriot Movement requires leaders with higher I.Q.s than the performance of the monkeys without tails participating in the Oregon Standoff. Look at the damage they did, simply because they were born stupid.

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