The Bundy Incident and Rumors of War

There is a growing awareness that our elected officials like Harry”Dirty Harry”  Reid have or are selling the American people as collateral to a hostile power that has declared the United States as is principal enemy… The People’s Republic of China

Moreover, there is a movement afoot to identify patriot prosecutors, judges and sheriffs and patriots willing to sit on grand juries to determine whether their representatives have committed any state crimes and to indict them in the various states, and to get ride of them while isolating WA DC.  

There is a grim awareness that either we put the federal leviathan back in its cage or we will be eaten and descend into tyranny.  Our country now hovers on the brink of a ruinous civil war and our government is now the MAFIA.


The ugly and violent confrontation between armed federal BLM agents and Cliven Bundy and his supporters on his ranch at Bunkerville, Nevada has electrified people in the United States and the world.  There is grave potential for the re-enactment of another bloody massacre of Americans by armed federal agents such as occurred in Waco, Texas and at Ruby Ride, Idaho

The cause of the confrontation is fundamental.  It is grounded in Constitutional notions of land and ownership, and the ability to earn a living from the land.  Moreover, the specter of pursuing hidden agendas by politicians in the Senate and the Whitehouse have risen along with disturbing information that our politicians are in league with a foreign corporation and hostile power, a declared enemy of the United States, The Peoples Republic of China.  Furthermore, there are credible reports that among the armed BLM agents are military personnel or military contractors in violation of the Posse Comitatus, or mercenaries from foreign states.

The confrontation has resulted in violence.  The stage has been set for further violence and by threats from the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.  Reid has called Cliven Bundy and his supporters “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.”  Left wing agitators are calling for a drone strike on Bundy’s ranch.  They are also calling for the federal government to kill him, his family, and his supporters.

Additionally, there are credible reports that Reid, his son and politicians in Nevada and at the federal level are benefitting financially by having the BLM seize Cliven Bundy’s land so they can build a solar power plant with Chinese investors.  The notion of political subversion, corruption, financial payoffs and treason by Reid and his associates has risen.

Armed militia contingents from all over the United States have arrived at the Bundy ranch to insure his safety.

Momentarily, the situation is fluid and poses a clear and present danger to the peace, and to the possibility of more deadly violence.  There exists disquieting information that the federal government occasioned the armed intervention and ensuing violence, and that there exists the possibility that events will spin out of control and ignite a ruinous civil war.

People all over the United States remain gripped by the intensity and danger posed by the event and want unedited information, an idea of the nature of the problem and what they can do to help.  People also want to know who the actors are and those responsible for occasioning the confrontation and why.  People also want to know how they can rectify the situation and how they can return the United States to its rightful place in domestic and international affairs.

After analyzing recent events in the United States, I have arrived at some conclusions for consideration.  I feel very confident that the key to reversing what is happening to America rests with the recent Bundy incident in Nevada.

Some of the constructs below are not mine, although some are, but many are historical and come from different sources, like Carlos Marighella (The Mini Manual for the Urban Guerrilla), some come from the military tactician Sun Tsu and others from our own militia leaders (Nathaniel Greene).

I have discussed these ideas years ago with various military, political leaders and lay persons, and the consensus was that they were wonderful and applicable, but not suitable for the time (1990s).

Please feel free to use anything in this paper as you see fit.  I wrote this as it came to me after analyzing the Bundy incident.  It needs work and polish, but I do not have the time to do this.  I leave any suitable change or addition to the man or woman on the scene.


— THE ROAD BACK – (Draft) —
Si vis pacem, para bellum’ (Publius Flavius)

“We fight, get beat, rise up and fight some more.”(Nathaniel Greene)

“…We gotta think beyond our Guns” (Pike in the Wild Bunch)

The Bundy incident resulted in a tactical victory for the patriot community as armed federal agents quit the scene.  The situation now is at an impasse.  Militia units are rotating in and out to maintain a steady presence at the Bundy ranch.  Calls for assistance have gone out.  The scene appears calm now, but the specter of a federal police/military raids hovers ominously in the background.  The situation appears to be ignored by the Congress and by most of the Nevada County Commissioners, and by the Nevada legislature.  However, the MSM is trying to take advantage of the incident to demonize, contain, and isolate Bundy and his supporters.  The MSM has done a hack job on Bundy trying to depict him as a bitter racist, tax scofflaw and welfare rancher.  The MSM attempts to portray militia at the scene as terrorists, and crazed individuals with too many guns at their disposal.  Americans are wary and frightened as the situation is highly explosive.

The Bundy incident requires resolution and sets the stage for an American political and cultural revival based on the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Therefore, the patriot community must seize the day and must employ all means available to restore the United States as a limited constitutionally based republic.  The following explores ideas and concepts on how this can be done by all Americans.

A.  Seize the Opportunity, and the Moral High Ground.  Expand on the lessons ingrained in the Bundy incident.  Bundy is key.  It showed us the way.  We need to go into high gear at all levels – informational, political, and logistical in furthering war preparations in anticipation of a violent federal response against Bundy or others in the patriot community.

  1. Inspiration and Motivation People were so inspired by bundy’s stand that they came from thousands of miles away and at their own expense.  Bundy is perceived as an American icon (John Wayne) with the old and good values that made America great.  People were motivated to risk their lives, fortune, and liberty.
  2. The issue at hand and the dialogue.  The feds no longer control the narrative, the media, and the discourse nor can they influence massively the body politic, as they used to.  They have been shown for what they are…brutal, insensitive tyrants and killers of inoffensive people (women and children at Ruby Ridge and at Waco) and Bundy’s animals.  Bundy, finally stripped that mask away.
  3. Leveraging information as power.  The Internet is a huge tactical and strategic weapon that can leverage political and military combat power.  Bundy on the Internet has sent the feds reeling.  They cannot control the Internet.
  4. Rallying cause and point.  Dirty (filthy) Harry Reid is our best weapon, yet.  He is so corrupt and apparently evil that we do not need imaginary captions to portray a human likeness of Satan, or the bad and corrupt sheriff.  Reid does this perfectly.  Moreover, he has ominously threatened John Wayne (Bundy) and America.  He has looted their wealth and sold them out to the Chinese communists.
  5. Extant Mood.  Americans are in an ugly, ugly mood.  Many are ready to listen, to follow, and to lead, and to go to war.  Bundy is the issue to lead them on the way to restore the Republic, and if possible, before the guns go off.
  6. Resonance and Staying Power. Bundy’s issue and example has finally resonated with ordinary Americans.  Bundy is not the only incident.  There have been many others, such as Kit Laney from New Mexico and the Shoshone Dann sisters from Nevada.  The federal beast is eying other victims in Texas and Oklahoma.  Texas and Oklahoma just put fedgov on notice with a public “COME AND TAKE IT” declaration.  This issue is NOT going away and neither are the images of Bundy’s murdered cows and horses tossed into makeshift graves or shot dead and left to rot on the range, or of BLM thugs in uniform shoving and throwing pregnant women to the ground.  Bundy has enormous staying power.
  7. Military power.  Militias are springing up all over the place.  They are armed equally or better than many armies in the world are.  Many of their members have received some of the very best military training in the world.  Who came to Bundy’s aid?  It was militia members.  The militias are not going away…They are determined to stay in place and to protect Bundy.  Americans are finally seeing through all the artificial hyperbole.  The Militia is their shield and sword.
  8. Enemies of the People.  The police and politicians have shown that by far and large they are ENEMIES of the people, serving only the elite.  Nobody trusts them anymore.  Call a cop and you are raped, beaten up, your animals shot, your house vandalized, or murdered.  Obama and his ilk are hell bent on taking away our guns, our rights, and our lives.  He is involving us constantly in useless and costly wars abroad.  Harry Reid as Majority Leader is directly linked with Obama’s agenda, and their hands are all over Bundy.  Obama and his cronies are enemies of the people.
  9. Clear and Present Danger.  The Obama Administration has stripped the mask off their intentions, by their rhetoric and actions centering on demonizing American patriots, veterans, religious folk, and anyone who objects to their usurpation of the American Constitution and the legislative powers held by the Congress.  The Constitution is almost dead and so is our way of life.  Obama is interacting with declared enemies of the United States and is furnishing them our resources.  In this capacity, Obama, Reid, and others are acting as agents of a hostile foreign power that has repeatedly declared the US as its principal enemy (China).  China has corrupted our politicians, has interfered massively with our domestic politics, and is siphoning off our wealth.  If the present trend continues, China will securitize the debt owed to them by our traitorous politicians and we will become Chinese chattel — forever.
  10. Bundy Consciousness Rising.  Bundy and the issues surrounding Bundy are seen for what they are.  This issue is grounded in land and liberty (all wealth comes from the land and so does liberty in owning it).  The feds mean to strip that away from us.  The Bundy incident like no other in this century has made many Americans aware that something is seriously wrong in America.

B.   Legal Issues and plan for action.  So, what to do?  It is simple.  Patriots in various states (not in WA DC) will organize a grass-roots based citizen’s movement under local leadership to examine these issues, to review the legal and grand jury system in their states and whatever crimes against the people their Congressional representative may have committed.  If elected representatives have committed crimes, then the various states will proceed to indict these individuals and will bring them to justice via the grand jury system…away from WA DC. 

C.  Implementation

1.  Arrest powers.  The people and their representatives hold the powers of arrest, and trial.  Should an arrest warrant be issued, then the proper course is to turn a warrant over to a loyal sheriff and his deputies and or to the militia.  Sheriffs and militia should have clear instructions that their office may employ as much force as necessary to return the indicted person/s for trial.  Moreover, it should be made clear to the feds or to state legislators under investigation, that any harm coming to a sheriff or deputies or to militia members will be construed as a crime and as an ACT OF WAR.

2.  Grand Juries and presentation of facts.  Grand juries and investigations should be         conducted within state boundaries, and follow Constitutional American standards of         jurisprudence.

3.  Legal proceedings.  Hearings and trials should be conducted within state          boundaries away from WA DC.

4.  Congress/Legislators.  Suitable candidates should be identified and vetted to serve on   short notice as replacements for those under indictment and, or on trial or those sent to prison.  This will avoid a leadership vacuum at the local, state, and national level.

5.  Military.  Identify and eliminate all globalist-oriented officers and members.  Vet all members and insure their allegiance is to the American people and to the Constitution.   Arrest and try all military personnel and politicians who have committed treason and WAR CRIMES, and hold them accountable.  The federal military should revert to a professional   officer corps and to strategic formations, while all tactical formations shall revert to the       state militia/National Guard units.


D.  Outcomes.  A restoration to the principles of a limited Constitutional Republican Government is the primary objective.  Among the outcomes are the following desired elements.

(1.) The resignation or indictment and trial of suspected traitors, and corrupt politicians.

(2.) The expulsion of all foreign agents identified as a threat against American interests.

(3.) The restoration of the militia system and sheriff as the chief law officer.

(4.) Dismantle the metro (Rockefeller) system of municipal administration.

(5.) The restoration of a government owned bank, and the

(6.) The repudiation of all debts made by the traitors.

(7.) The restoration of fair trade and impost principles in commerce.

Equally important are the following outcomes as secondary objectives.

  • The elimination of onerous regressive taxes and the income tax.
  •  The restoration of the vocational trades in education.
  • The elimination of the globalist-oriented Carnegie higher education system.
  • The restoration of the American community-school system with true learning as its objective.
  • The restoration of the American PEACE OFFICER as a community guardian.
  •  The elimination of all city police under the administration of the globalist International Association of Chiefs of Police.
  • The restoration of uniquely American arts and vocations that inspired the world.
  • The restoration of all lands seized by the government and crooked politicians serving corporate interests.
  • The restoration of the fee-patent land system.
  • Treaties.  Restoring our political trajectory to serving our people is a primary concern; thereby we reject and rescind all collective security treaties or unfair and free-trade based economic pacts.
  • Rejection of the Marxist inspired UN as a basis for global government.  We are Americans and have no interest in being global citizens.
  • America

Additionally, we must consider the following.

  • Deport foreign agitators, criminals, and agents of influence.
  • Eliminate all benefits that serve business interests at the expense of the people.
  • Hold corporations criminally and civilly accountable for the harms they cause.
  • Eliminate the lobbyist from political affairs.
  • Make Senators and legislators accountable to the states and body politic they represent.
  • Restore the meritocracy system to civil service and to the accumulation of wealth.
  • Expand opportunities for women and encourage their involvement and insight in all spheres of life, including the militia.  Insure that they are paid equally as men.
  • Eliminate any male or female centric political trajectory setting the sexes against each other.
  • Restore the family as the nucleus of society.  Eliminate Marxist-oriented Child Protective Service agencies.
  • Restore the right of families to discipline their children according to humane principles (kids are not footballs to kick around).
  • Make provision for families to home school their children, if they elect to do this.
  • Identify and remove all abusive teachers and administrators who violate children and their rights.

D.  War.  As an option of last resort, the various states may join to issue a declaration of war against traitors, and foreign agents followed by active military operations against any oppressive state or federal government entity, and or against foreign agents or military units in this country.

1.  Casus Belli.  The following may serve as casus belli.

  • Any federal action using federal SWAT or military units to raid, injure or kill American citizens within state borders or to interdict state commerce or to lay siege to a state political unit or community within state borders.
  • Any federal aggression using federal military, police or foreign police or military units against American citizens or a state political body, law officer agency or military unit.
  • Harming or killing state sheriffs/deputies and or militia members engaged in serving state warrants on indicted persons.  Harming or killing any member of a state grand jury, prosecutor, judge, and or law officer associated with a grand jury investigation or process.

Summation:  The lessons inherent in the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are still valid today as they were two hundred years ago.  The American Constitution is the best political testament ever conceived by man.  We built the greatest country on the face of the Earth with those principles.  American principles of justice, freedom, innovation in industry and commerce, and willingness to help others became universal values.  Consequently, all we have to do is to return to our roots.  The way is clear.

We can DO THIS.  Our ancestors did it, and under far more severe circumstances.


Quintus Dias


How in the hell did we ever get into this mess?

4 thoughts on “The Bundy Incident and Rumors of War

  1. After the khazar tribe is removed from power in this country by any means possible:

    Put the federal leviathan back in its box by acting on the recommendation and wisdom of Thomas Jefferson : The government must not be allowed to borrow money. This alone would fold the government, without any violence.

    Forbid usury.

    Reintroduce interest free money and interest free credit.

    Make clear once again that income tax is forbidden.

    End all property tax on homes and domicile property.

    Rebuild the manufacturing base. Produce things of quality that the world wants to buy.

    Prosper as a nation once again.


  2. “1. Arrest powers. The people and their representatives hold the powers of arrest, and trial.”

    That’s seems to have been all but forgotten.

    The sheeple prefer to allow the so-called ‘government’ to dispense ‘justice’.
    They only have our best interests at heart, so it’s only fitting that they should run the court system. ‘Justice’ for all is guaranteed.


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