The Bush Family has been Running the White House Since 1980

Before It’s News

I love it when anyone puts aside bias and peer-pressured inclination, reads history from more than one side and connects the dots with common sense logic.

We’ve all heard the allegations about Bush Senior and IBM and the Corporate world of that time supporting the economic miracle that took Nazi Germany from a sleeping-in-the-streets economy to the most powerful one in Europe (from 1933 to 1937 during the Great Depression) Germany refused to enter into debt to the controlling banking elite and issued its own debt- and interest-free currency from its own central bank, just like North Dakota has done for over a hundred years.  

Note the date of this MSM publication

That financial elite then managed to line up the entire world, including a perceived and at that time present and future threat to the western alliance, Russia, against Germany and not only defeated those economic pragmatists but demeaned them, demonized them, accused them of crimes impossible to commit and isolated them once again… for not participating in the Capitalist paradigm of stealing the wealth of working and middle classes.

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