The European Union Is Considering A Ban On Repairs For All Vehicles Over 15 Years Old

By Wall Street Apes

“To encourage Europeans to buy new environmentally friendly vehicles.”

So In The Name Of “Climate Change” Millions Of People Will No Longer Be Able To Repair Their Vehicles

“The EU considers banning repairing cars over 15 years old. I mentioned this at the close of program the other day, but, uh, this truly is where it is headed. This is an article from wine press. Uh, the proposal is an amendment to the European commission’s preexisting listen to what they call it. Circularity requirements, Circularity requirements.

I guess recycle is kind of passed out of use now that you got, uh, the wind turbines that are not recyclable for the windmills and, uh, the solar panels and all these other issues. You know, there used to be all this reduce, reuse, recycle, Uh, that doesn’t work anymore. That’s kind of become a mockery. So now that we got circularity requirements for vehicle design and on the management of end of life vehicles. The same is to renew the car fleet.

See that’s it. They’re not banning anything. They’re renewing it. They’re renewing it. Yeah. Right….

To encourage Europeans to buy new environmentally friendly vehicles. Uh, this is beyond the despicable practice of planned obsolescence where the manufacturers would design something to break after a short period of time. This is this is planned immobilization. Planned immobilization by the government.

They They don’t want people to have cars of any type. By the way, you notice that this doesn’t say anything about electric cars. Of course, they don’t really have to do that. Um, by the time your batteries are 15 years old, they’re already gone long dead. And if you, and if you try to replace those batteries, it’s going to cost more than your car’s worth.

So they don’t have to do it for electric cars. It’s already implied your planned obsolescence, uh, based on the concept of a residual vehicle, A category for vehicles that are over 15 years old. Oh, all my vehicles are approaching a residual vehicle.”

The people in charge always implement their agendas overseas first before bringing their regulations to America.


One thought on “The European Union Is Considering A Ban On Repairs For All Vehicles Over 15 Years Old

  1. Lurking in the background: trouncing on the right of “Freedom of Movement.” They think we can’t see the plan.

    I’ll never forget that iconic saying from Huxley’s “Brave New World”:


    Will the disgust this week reach a new level of disgusting?


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