The Fed Actually Reveals the Way its Own Delusional Thinking Works, and Why That Assures a Worse Crash!

The Great Recession

I just came across an internal Fed staff document that shows what a mess their minds are. When you see how seriously they are misunderstanding this economy and the causes of inflation and how they are going to fight that inflation like Don Quixote jousting at windmills, you’ll realize there is no way they find a path of out of this that they are not going to make worse for us all.

Have a look at the following graph and see which of the two lines you think is going to move to catch up or down to the other: (The bonds line on the graph is inverted because bond prices run opposite of yields. So, by graphing yields inverted, you track what’s happening in bond prices. As yields rise, the price/value of bonds falls.)

The rest is here:

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