The Great Father Cannot Protect You

Lew Rockwell – by Jack Perry

And, also, the Great Father will not protect you. By now, it should become obvious that the Great Father cannot and will not protect you from Ebola. At least, unless one has resided under a rock for quite some time now. In case anyone has not yet detected the swindle, let’s review the tragically ridiculous situation.  

Firstly, the Great Father assured us Ebola would never get here. Just to make certain that happened, er, that never happened, air travel to and from the stricken regions in Africa was never halted. Why, of course not! The Great Father didn’t want anything to interfere with business as usual! And it might hurt someone’s feelings. However, a few days ago, a man from Liberia turns up at a Dallas, Texas, hospital carrying guess what? Ebola! Why, I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you! How is it even possible since people leaving Liberia are being screened by airport personnel? No doubt they’re all highly trained in infectious disease detection, correct? Oops! To add even more madcap adventure, this man showed up at the hospital a couple days prior and was released, even after having told them he had come from Liberia. Hmmm…and the Great Father’s Center for Disease (un)Control claims they had instructed hospitals to watch for Ebola. Wait! Does this mean the Great Father’s own highly-esteemed CDC who also, evidently, keeps military-grade anthrax around their place like coffee creamers in the breakroom, might just be as incompetent as the Great Father himself? Imagine that! So this man turns up and CDC assures us that he was only exposed to five people. Gosh, I sure felt relieved! Not long after that, CDC then says it is 18 people. Wow, CDC sure seems to know a lot about how diseases spread, don’t they? Today, they are “looking at ” 80 people. If there is one thing you can trust about the CDC and the Great Father, it is that they cannot be trusted. As of writing this, CDC and the Great Father have not closed air travel out of Ebola-stricken regions which is a written-in-stone protocol to halting an infectious disease from entering in the first place. Well, at least among logical people, which the Great Father certainly isn’t.

I am quite intrigued by this. After it becomes evident that the carriers are entering through the vector of air travel, the Great Father has still not closed it and the CDC has not even suggested doing so. Thus leaving it open for more carriers to enter. Here we are worrying about whom this one man has been in contact with and, in the meantime, perhaps there is another or several more who have arrived. After all, they noticed this guy got in fairly easy. One has to wonder if the Great Father is up to his old tricks again and handing out smallpox-infected blankets. It cannot merely be called incompetent if one left air travel open to “hot zones” where an epidemic is in progress and a disease-carrier got in that way. But to allow it to remain open after a carrier got in that way is criminal, to say the least. The government and CDC aren’t even this pathetically negligent in countless science fiction books and movies where lethal diseases break out and wreak havoc. And with the exception of the CDC, the Great Father has been suspiciously quiet some two days now since this story broke into the news. Where is the Great Father? Doubtlessly in a well-protected Great Father Bunker somewhere.

The take-away message is this. Your tax dollars allegedly ensure the Great Father “protects” you. But the Great Father has just demonstrated not only that he cannot, but he will not protect you. He has no need to. The Great Father, his families, and his friends have vast bunker complexes they can hide in. They are already safe. Guess what else? Your tax dollars paid for that, too. If there is a vaccine and/or a cure, the Great Father has that also. Your tax dollars paid for that as well. Think the Great Father will share it with you? Right. Just like he “protected” you from entry of the disease in the first place. The Great Father’s CDC says don’t worry, our medical system has this well under control. Indeed! That stellar expertise is why the Liberian man was exhibiting Ebola symptoms the first time he showed up at a Dallas hospital and was sent home. Even if we dodge the bullet this time, people must come to see the truth about the Great Father. The Great Father lies and when those lies become obvious, he creates more lies to explain the first ones. Your tax dollars are wasted on such entities as CDC whose knowledge of controlling highly infectious diseases appears to be less than that of remedial high school science classes. Every homeowner knows that if mosquitoes come in through an open door, the way to stop that is to close the door. Not to wait until mosquitoes are in and then start looking around the house to see where the mosquitoes have landed to ascertain what to do next while leaving the door wide open. Can you entrust your families to such logic? If this builds into an epidemic here, you need to ask yourself that question when the Great Father opens camps for you to go into for “safety”. Because the Great Father never has ensured your safety in the first place.

When it comes to drumming up a war, the Great Father is always in front of a camera. When it comes to a highly contagious disease manifesting in the United States, the Great Father appears to be offline. This is quite curious, indeed, to say the least. We are expected, I surmise, to be satisfied with the not very assuring reassurances of the CDC who failed in their duties to order the closing of air travel from the stricken regions before it got here. Not only that, but they have not called for it to be closed now that it has gotten here. One suspects that they may have suggested it in some email the Great Father chose to ignore. The protocol in such a case would be not to go public about having warned the Great Father, lest the Great Father retaliate with a firing or demotion. To thine own butt be true, after all. They’ll wait until the disease turns into an epidemic before publicly saying they warned the Great Father a long time ago to shut down air travel from the hot zone. This is how they roll. Wait until it’s too late, then say you spoke up but no one listened. How about going public before that and doing the duty the American people pay you to do? But, like any federal entity, it’s all about collecting a paycheck and moving up the ladder. The American people need to wake up. It’s not just your money they’re playing fast and loose with this time. It’s your life.


2 thoughts on “The Great Father Cannot Protect You

  1. A couple of things come to mind here such as criminal negligence, malice of forethought, willful and malicious.

    We are not dealing with incompetence, we are dealing with a large number of Hannibal Lector type psychopaths who are running this country. They loathe We the People and enjoy every bit of misery they can create for us, laughing all the way to their DUMBs.

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