The Kitchen Sink Is Here

With all that is going on now, it brings to mind something I was told by a friend 15 years ago: when you see a kitchen sink fly by your face you’ll know that the end is near. What brings it to mind is that I could swear I just noticed a kitchen sink fly past my face.

This friend is the same person who introduced me to William Cooper so many years ago. What he said in full was “When they are ready to collapse the economy and bring us to the predicted WW3 (See Pike, Manzinni) they will come at us on all fronts. 

  • Economic
  • Political
  • Societal
  • Religion
  • Gun Control
  • and TPTB’s favorite, War!

The reason for the all fronts in this war against us is that we are in the process of being liquidated, and just like the pick-pocket uses distraction to lift your wallet out of your pocket, TPTB are now in the process of using distraction to pick our pockets one last time.  While some of us may notice TPTB picking our pockets, that too is only a distraction. The real end game is the upcoming WAR!

While most people are busy noticing their paychecks are much smaller due to increased payroll taxes (Obamacare) and reduced hours that so many people are having to live with, the war drums are beating louder and louder.  China and Japan are mobilizing for war over some worthless islands and Korea has become an ICBM nuclear power and now has the capability of sending a Hiroshima-type bomb to the center of the USA to create an EMP blast that will knock out the electrical grid for most of the USA. We are busy complaining about increased payroll taxes and lack of jobs, while on the western front Israel and the USA are pounding the war drums over Syria and Iran and doing everything they can up and and not limited to calling the Syrians and Iranians little sissies to prompt the war!

The truth is TPTB need a good war to clear the books and hide their crimes. Hegel, Machiavelli to name a few, all have advised to make sure to leave the thieves in charge when you exit the office, and TPTB all seem to have taken that advice very seriously. Brings to mind a joke a recently heard….

A dying priest living in Wash DC (the District of Criminals) has one last dying request and that was to meet with Obama and Harry Reid before he died. Both granted the old priest’s request and met with him. Upon meeting the old priest Obama asked why his last request was to meet with them.  The priest’s answer was, “I wanted to be like Jesus.  He died between two lairs and thieves.”

The point is that all the above mentioned points are only distractions to the main event, and that main  event is WAR! It will matter very little if you have a good paying job once you hear the air raid sirens blaring – if you get lucky enough to get that much warning.

I know that some may say that this is an extreme view, but “they” (you know, “they” –  like the “they” Edmond O’Brien speaks of in the Sam Peckinpah movie, “The Wild Bunch”, who substituted iron washers for gold coins). Are always known only after the fact. We are seeing unfold the same type of circumstance that brought about the Second World War and then like now people were distracted –  because it was planned that way. To quote FDR “nothing happens in Washington, DC unless it was planned that way”.  The thing to notice is the level of distraction TPTB are using today to hide their real plans.

So getting back to the topic at hand, in our opinion the time is now to get ready. The time for waiting is over and you must begin now to prepare for the inevitable and that inevitability is WAR! This war is not going to be over land or resources it will be a population reduction war, plain and simple.  The question you must ask yourself is, do you want to be one of the many who will be eliminated?

If you did not notice the kitchen sink fly past your head there is a name for that condition.  It’s called Cognitive Dissonance.

Festinger’s (1957) cognitive dissonance theory suggests that we have an inner drive to hold all our attitudes and beliefs in harmony and avoid disharmony (or dissonance) (  In simple terms, it is insisting that facts are not facts because we don’t want them to be.  This is your wake up call!

TPTB are very predictable, if you take the time to notice their “modus operandi”.  There is a Season of Sacrificial Rites during which they tend to begin wars.  This is between March 19th and 22nd, the Spring Equinox (Mark Passio, Podcast #36).  Look at the dates we invaded Iraq, Afghanistan and Lybia.  Coincidence?

What to do?

Here is a “To Do List” for your consideration:

  • First and foremost GET FOOD NOW! You can do little to save your self when you are dying of hunger
  • ·.  I know that most say “ I’m going to get around to that some day soon,” but the time is now and if not
  • · now the chances are good it will be never. It makes no difference to me if the food you decide to store
  • · is some of the food many companies are hawking on the net or just a load of beans and rice. The time
  • · to do this is NOW!
  • Have a source of water. It can be filters that can make non potable water drinkable or cases of bottled
  • · water.  Every person in your group will need at least one gallon of potable water per day or death will
  • · come in a matter of days.
  • ·
  • Have a safe place to be.  If you live in a highly populated area, GET OUT NOW! Having storage food and
  • · guns and ammo will do you little good if the bombs fall on your head.  The key here is knowing what a safe place is. The greatest threat will be crowds
  • · of people who are not prepared. If you live in a densely populated area the threat will be greatest. So if
  • · you live in a densely populated area think of places you can go SOON that have the least threat.
  • ·
  • Guns and Ammo. I know that the cost of semi auto rifles has gone through the roof, but for those of
  • · you who have up to now put off purchasing a gun and ammo will have to pay some pretty high
  • · prices for what up till recently was affordable (I have heard that M4’s and Mini 14 have gone through
  • · the roof.  Some reports have it that even M1 carbines are going for $2500) So for those who have
  • · waited till the last minute, I have some suggestions. The Ruger 10-22 22 caliber semi auto (an  old favorite
  • ·) and a Mossberg pump shotgun may be the way to go if you can fine one to buy.
  • The reason to have guns is not so that you can join in the “fun” of starting a revolution.  It is for defense and for hunting.

I have heard all the excuses…

  • My wife/husband/children, etc. will think I’m crazy
  • My job is here and I need my job
  • I not sure the time is now…. I must have more time!
  • I don’t have enough money!
  • ETC., ETC., ETC

All these excuses will do you no good once war breaks out! I recently heard an ad for storage food and the catchy tag line was “better one year too early then one day too late”.

Truer words were never spoken.  But again, the time to finish your preps is NOW – not sometime in the future. I know that some may say that I’m being alarmist but you should know that “THEY” always have said people were alarmist in the past when good advice was given. At least you won’t be able to say that someone did not tell you!


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5 thoughts on “The Kitchen Sink Is Here

  1. Another great article from Sheila and Dan, that I’m grateful for having the pleasure of reading.

    “But again, the time to finish your preps is NOW – not sometime in the future.”

    Definitely a good suggestion, but can we ever “finish our preps”? Surviving the upcoming catastrophes is only the beginning. When the dust settles we’ll have a new nation to build and feed, and a whole new lifestyle that we’ll have to adjust to. You’ll “finish your preps” when you’re living like the Amish. Completely self-sufficient with no electricity, gadgets, or cars, and prepared to continue that lifestyle indefinitely.

    1. Great advise Jolly. Thanks. You came so very close to excellent.
      NOTE TO ALL :
      All the preps in the world are USELESS with out knowledge. Which brings us to the crux of the matter and my point.
      The ONLY thing that cannot be taken is your knowledge. All preps will be stolen either by crook or the government ( yes I know its hard to tell the difference between the two) when the merry-go-round comes to an abrupt halt, throwing us all to the ground. Does anyone remember when gold became illegal to own during the depression? Does anyone actually think food will be any different when everyone is starving?
      Prepping and a plan are great. Knowing how to thrive where most others cannot will be worth more than anything imaginable…..
      Plan accordingly.

  2. It’s somewhat humorous to read articles like this. I don’t deny the need to prepare, but “North Korea is an ICBM nuclear power that knock out the US grid wif EMP” is delusional.

  3. Agreed save hunting unless you are talking dogs, cats, people.
    Wild game will be gone in a heart beat.
    BTW, people aren’t too bad, they taste sort of like cats, and there are plenty of em. Easy to kill too.

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