The Land of the Scared and Home of the Safe

The National Anthem of this country refers to our nation as “The land of the free and the home of the brave,” and when this country was first founded it truly was a free country inhabited by brave individuals who won their freedom by risking their lives, fighting a war against England. Knowing this, it is really hard to imagine how so many people in this country are now willing to give up those same freedoms in order to feel a little safer. When did it become acceptable in this country to be a coward?

I was recently selected to jury duty for the first time in my life, and when I showed up at the court house to do my civic duty, I was appalled to see how I and other potential jurors were treated when we entered the building. We were lined up, told to empty our pockets and marched through a metal detector.  I saw at least two people who were forced to leave their keys behind because the ornament on their key ring was considered big enough to be “used as a weapon”. There was also an elderly woman whom was having a hard time standing.

The scumbags running this circus didn’t seem to care at all about her disability, and forced her to march back and forth through the metal detector until she finally realized that she had a metal hairpin that kept setting the machine off.

The whole time that this was happening I kept thinking to myself, aren’t these people supposed to be working for us, and if they are truly here to serve the public, then why do they fear us to the point that they need to treat us like prisoners?

Unfortunately the courthouse is not the only place where this kind of behavior is accepted. In airports across the nation “free” citizens are given the choice of having their naked bodies looked at by a stranger or being felt up by a stranger.

Also, in most work places it is now common practice to randomly pull people away from their work march them into a bathroom and make them urinate into a cup while some creep stands close by watching them do their business.

Unbelievably many citizens of this country accept this behavior because it makes them feel safer. These sheep do not deserve to be free. Instead they deserve whatever the controlling faction of this country has in mind for them.

As for the rest of us, we need to look at that wonderful phrase in our national anthem “The land of the free and home of the brave” for without bravery we will never regain our freedom. We must understand (as our forefathers did) that a life without freedom is not worth living, and be willing to sacrifice every ounce of our safety in order to secure that freedom.

Until this happens we will have to continue watching our wives and daughters be felt up by perverts at the airport, while our piss is being sent off to a lab to be tested. It’s time to wake up people.

If you are somebody that wants to live a safe life of enslavement, then move your ass to China. This country is reserved for brave individuals who wouldn’t trade one ounce of freedom for all the safety in the world.

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  1. This Fascist drug testing, which is perpetuated by the insurance companies, the tobacco, alcohol, and medical lobbies $ in Congress, has gotten completely out of hand. It’s illegal to smoke pot, which does not have the debilitating effects of alcohol, but it’s OK to get all liquored up, get in your car, and go out and kill a family of 5. I read there was even talk in Congress about randomly drug testing the unemployed before they could receive their benefits, because everybody knows we’re a bunch of pot smoking, lazy layabouts who don’t want to work, collecting our enormous handout that we live so comfortably on. If anybody needs to be drug tested, it’s those assholes in Congress ! And I don’t mean for pot, either. They’re on something that makes them mean, greedy, and dangerous.

    1. Sam,
      When urinalysis was first introduced in the job place I told myself, this will never fly as it is unconstitutional. I expected a constitutional challenge and there was one. It was challenged under the 4th Amendment under the guise that your urine was your personal property. I knew this challenge was bogus and only designed to legitimatize the piss test.
      The fact is it should have been challenged under the 5th Amendment because using illegal drugs is illegal and forcing you to take a urinalysis, under threat of deprivation if your refuse, is a forced confession to a crime.
      Urinalysis could never stand up to a Constitutional test if the 5th Amendment were invoked. This is why it was challenged under the 4th Amendment as our courts have been looking out for the interest of insurance companies before the rights of the citizens for the past thirty years. This is just another wrong that is going to have to be righted in reinstating the Free Republic.

    2. Sam,

      Last I checked it was NOT legal to kill people while driving drunk. While I think people should be allowed to smoke weed if they really want to, I also think employers should be allowed to choose who they hire. If they don’t want to hire those who smoke weed, then they’re perfectly within their rights to do so.

      As far as the insurance companies go, people who use drugs get into more accidents than those who don’t use drugs. If I was insuring a company that hires drug users, I would charge them a higher rate than a company that drug tested their employees. This is not a matter of preference, it’s a matter of math.

      1. Matt K.,
        It seems the conversation got a little off track. I believe the question was, does the urinalysis violate the 5th Amendment. I agree with you that an employer should be able to dismiss an employee if is there is evidence that he or she is using alcohol or illegal substances.
        The root word of evidence is evident. If the only way you can tell that a person has used drugs or alcohol is through a random urinalysis that person’s guilt or innocence is not being determined by anything evident. However, if you can smell drugs or alcohol, or if a person is visibly impaired, then that is evident, hence there is evidence of guilt. The urinalysis assumes guilt acquiring evidence of innocence, hence the test clearly violates the citizen’s presumption of innocence and his or her right not to offer evidence against their self.
        Corporations, more and more every day, are infringing upon the personal liberties of their employees. This is something that we cannot do to one another, therefore we can convey no power to any government to do it to us, and unless corporations possess some authority that trumps our Constitution, they cannot violate our rights either.

      2. I didn’t say that it was legal to get drunk and drive, then maybe kill somebody, which happens every day. I said that the sale and consumption of alcohol is legal, where as pot is not. Personally, I don’t drive after consuming either, and I’m sure we would all prefer other drivers to do the same. I’m just saying that doing anything drunk is a lot more dangerous than the effects Mary Jane has on a person, and the laws against pot are hypocritical in the truest sense of the word, fueling the greed of the government and the corporations who keep the laws in place. After they’ve taken all our Constitutional rights away, they’re going to start killing us. Believe it ! That’s what this website is all about. Our rights,being flushed down the toilet. I’ll give you 3 guesses what they’re going to do to us after they’ve flushed. My bad….. I’ve already told you.

  2. Henry, Thanks for the info. Except for the interests of the insurance companies, I didn’t know any of that. I’m learning a lot on this website, and I’m glad I found it Keep up the good work !

  3. Our rights are being taken away right before our eyes and right in front of our faces. I would like to make a point by merging two of the stories on this website. “British Protesters say ‘Off with their heads’ “, and this story.
    Recently I have gone back to college in an online school. When I applied for my FAFSA one of the “rules” for me to keep my financial aid was that I do not get convicted of any drug crimes while in school. Since when does a persons personal recreation choices interfere with there RIGHT to and education?! And for that matter isn’t it our right to have a FREE education? How is it that an illegal immigrant can come to America with a free interpreter, have, literally, a free education that they don’t have to pay loans back or pay for at all, get social security when they don’t even have any disability, get their own business handed to them, and an American citizen can’t even enjoy a recreational substance while PAYING for their RIGHT to a FREE education?
    If the government in England can raise the tuition costs to 3 times per year, supposedly because their country has a money crisis, as well as our country, then what kind of costs are going to be raised in our country to fix the deficit that our own government has put us in? If their soooo concerned about our well being then why not, instead of a bailout program and handing us a few hundred bucks in borrowed money to supposedly increase spending, that 97% of Americans did not want to borrow against our children’s children’s children, then why don’t the rich ass 1% hand over half of their paychecks to the low class citizens in place of the unemployment that they refuse to give us? God knows THEY can afford it.
    If America can have charities for starving and suffering animals as well as charities for suffering people in OTHER countries, then why can’t WE have a charity for suffering Americans. Oh wait…we do…all we have to do is call over 100 of our local churches to see if they have the funding in the beginning of every month. And even then they don’t provide the funds to help us with our water bills, and you have to have a 72 hour eviction notice to even receive $100 towards your rent.
    The rich can steal from us with merely just a slap on the hand and a taxpayer paid vacation, borrow from generations ahead of us with our disapproval, raise our taxes to pay ourselves back our own money we unwillingly borrowed from ourselves and future children and grandchildren and laugh in our face while their doing it.
    Now they’re saying that if we don’t give the rich their huge tax break that the unemployed are going to suffer from it. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a threat to me.
    England residents are known for their violent protests against there government. A good part of the time they either get what they want or they get a rise out the rest of the public that forces more protests from angry citizens making news headlines even here in America. How many of our protests do we REALLY see on the news? If there are any, they’re only the smallest of protests. The larger ones get regulated right away without so much as a 30 second blip on the news followed by a distraction tactic to make us forget.
    My point is America, is that our government doesn’t take us seriously enough AT ALL. They think what they’re doing to us is a big joke to laugh in our faces about. After all what are WE gonna do about it? We’re too scared to loose what we have left to do anything about it that will bring about a REAL change. We’ll just accept the Obama change.
    The truth is, we don’t have much to loose any more, and if it takes us loosing the last bit of lint in our pockets that keeps us warm at night to make this right then let’s empty our pockets people and THROW OUR CHANGE IN THE FACES OF THEIR CHANGE!!!!!
    I’m not talking about money so to speak. I’m talking about our constitutional rights!! OUR FREEDOM.
    The CHANGE we need is who represents our government AND GETTING OUR FREEDOM BACK.

    1. A free university education is not a right. Tuition is a service, and services cost money.

      If your biggest problem is that you can’t use drugs while somebody else pays for your education, then I wish I had your life. Actually…I probably don’t want your life.

      1. Well Matt if you think everyone who receives any type of government assistance should be forced to surrender their right to not incriminate themselves in order to receive that assistance, Then perhaps you are living in the wrong country.

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