The Liberal Party of ZERO Tolerance Policies

The National Patriot – by Craig Andresen

There is no doubt that liberals are in charge of public and college education in this country.

There is little doubt that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Therefore, if your children are enrolled in a public school…Guess what?

You have left your children in the hands of the mentally disturbed for the better part of the day…5 days a week.  

I have come to the conclusion that I have ZERO tolerance for ZERO TOLERANCE POLICIES and, to put a fine point on it, I offer to you, THIS little gem of liberal insanity.

Hunter Yelton has been suspended from his school in Canon City Colorado.

Hunter, it seems, has violated one of the school’s ZERO TOLERANCE policies and, according to his school district’s representatives, they want this suspension to follow Hunter through the rest of his public school career so as to teach him a lesson.

Hunter Yelton’s crime?

Well…He…Ummmmm…Kissed his girlfriend.

Both Hunter Yelton and his girlfriend, whose name is not being revealed to the public for her protection, are…6 years old and, in the 1st grade.

Hunter has been labeled, a serial sexual harasser because, apparently, he has…Kissed her before.

Hunter Yelton, the fiend in question, has copped to the horrible act…

“It was during class yeah. We were doing reading group and I leaned over and kissed her on the hand. That’s what happened.”

That, of course, wasn’t all that happened and what happened next, was…shameful.

According to Hunter’s mother, Jennifer Saunders, the little girl is FINE with it and the 2 are “boyfriend and girlfriend,” but…”The other children saw it and went to the music teacher. That was the day I had the meeting with the principal, where she first said ‘sexual harassment’. This is taking it to an extreme that doesn’t need to be met with a six year old. Now my son is asking questions… what is sex mommy? That should not ever be said, sex. Not in a sentence with a six year old.”

Hunter got ratted out by 6 year olds who, no doubt because of liberal indoctrination, were TRAUMATIZED by the blatant act of heterosexuality and IMMEDIATELY fled to the nearest liberal of standing, the music teacher, who obviously, was AGHAST at the situation and reported it, AT ONCE, to the liberal principal.

And, of course, the liberals running the Canon City Colorado School District are 100% behind the principal and, the labeling of Hunter Yelton as a sexual harasser.

Putting the snarkiness aside…Let’s take a look, deeper, into this situation and others like it that are taking place across the country.

Little kids in our public schools are being suspended or thrown out of their schools for offenses ranging from chewing their Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun, bringing a plastic spork to school with their lunches and aiming PRETEND arrows, shot from PRETEND bows on America’s playgrounds.

What’s worse is that other little boys and girls have been PROGRAMED, by the liberals in charge, to believe that such activities ascend to the level of CRIMES.

In this case, Hunter Yelton KNOWS he did SOMETHING that was deemed wrong but, at the age of 6, he has absolutely NO idea WHAT he did or WHY it was deemed WRONG.

6 year old children are told that hitting is wrong and, that they should not hit anyone.

Good advice I suppose.


They see grown ups kiss one another all the time. They are taught, at home, that there is nothing wrong with a kiss as long as both people engaged in the act are agreeable TO the act.

It’s a sign of affection. That’s what boys and girls do when they LIKE each other. Kissing is…NICE.

But, at school, it’s considered a crime and, if DONE at school, it is PUNISHED.

Obviously, the other children in Hunter Yelton’s class BELIEVED a crime had been committed and, as they have been taught to do, they REPORTED the “crime.”

How are we supposed to believe that these children will grow up to understand the difference between a sign of affection and an act of REAL sexual harassment?

They are being taught, from their first day in kindergarten, that there is NO difference between the two actions.

School children are being taught the “pillars” of Islam but…Wish a fellow student a MERRY CHRISTMAS…No, no NO!!!

Children must be supportive of the MEXICAN flag but let an American student fly an AMERICAN flag from their bike, wear a patriotic shirt or want to say the Pledge of Allegiance at school these days?

THAT is considered…HATE speech.

They are taught by their liberal indoctrination specialists to be tolerant of gay children and to accept transgendered children but…They must REPORT those who engage in boy/girl hand kissing and that those who KISS someone of the opposite gender are to be PUNISHED for doing so.

Outside of school, an 11 year old trying to SELL mistletoe to help pay for braces for her teeth is told by liberal law enforcement that she is OUTSIDE the law but…SHE IS WELCOME TO STAND ON THE STREET AND…BEG…FOR HANDOUTS.

CORE values, patriotism, Christianity and childhood innocence are being replaced by COMMON CORE liberalism and WARPED ideologies in our public schools and beyond the schoolyard fence but, if you think for one minute there has been no thought given to the repercussions of this beyond the childhood years…Think again.

The liberal left is planning for the future and their policies are strictly for their own benefit.

Today’s liberal indoctrinators are INTENTIONALLY creating the next generation of ADULTS who will have great disdain FOR America’s CORE values and, will then vote accordingly.

Why else would the self-proclaimed party of tolerance invoke such stringent ZERO tolerance policies?

GUNS…Pop Tart or otherwise will be deemed by the adults of tomorrow as TOO DANGEROUS for the general public to own.

PATRIOTISM will be too OFFENSIVE in which to engage.

CHRISTIANITY will become the sole belief of the INTOLERANT and will be something to be done away with and possibly OUTLAWED akin to SLAVERY and the IDEOLOGY of ISLAM will be ACCEPTED.

And boys and girls, liking each other enough to sneak a kiss from time to time will, by the time these kids become adults, be thought of as…SHAMEFUL.

If the greatest threat any child faced at your child’s school today was from a plastic spork or a half-eaten Pop Tart…The angels have been watching over your children.

If your child said a prayer within the confines of the school building and the principal calls you on it…In front of that principal…PRAISE your child and SHAME the principal.

And… If the worst thing that happens in your child’s school today is that a 6 year old boy kissed his 6 year old girlfriend on the hand…Consider yourself lucky.

To today’s liberal indoctrination specialists, COMMON SENSE is a dangerous thing. CHILDREN who know the difference between a REAL gun or a REAL bow and arrow and the MAKE BELIEVE versions are dangerous.

Mention of GOD or the celebration of CHRISTIAN events by children is dangerous to liberalism.

And, in the case of 6 year old Hunter Yelton…A boy, just being a boy…Is dangerous too.

Fight back America.

Teach REAL values, PATRIOTISM and how to stand up for your right to your children at HOME.

When you run into the nonsense of ZERO TOLERANCE policies at your children’s schools…CHALLENGE THEM with COMMON SENSE rather than common core and do it BOLDLY and PUBLICLY!!


When I was in the 1st grade…

We sang Christmas carols this time of the year, said the Pledge of Allegiance…”UNDER GOD” and all…Every day…I carried a pocket knife whenever I remembered to and whittled while I waited to bat during recess and, sometimes, we played cowboys and Indians with finger guns and rifles that were really just sticks.

I used to kiss Marty Epp every day.

She walked with me when we paired up boy/girl for our high school graduation and, just a few years ago, at our 30th reunion, SHE…Kissed…ME.

Hunter Yelton should be so lucky.

Probably a good thing Hunter didn’t come across that 11 year old girl selling mistletoe…They’d both be on the terrorist watch list by now.

2 thoughts on “The Liberal Party of ZERO Tolerance Policies

  1. Gee I often wonder what if someone saw kids saying I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. We did that all the time, I was born in the forties and we played house, hospital and school. It was pretty cool we also played tag, hide and seek and a multitude of other games. The boys played cowboys and indians too. Wow nobody got hurt other than the normal stuff all kids suffer like falling down or falling off something. Nobody got shot and schools were safe.

    Now these things are banned and intolerable and what do we have anarchy and in the progressive party (also known as liberals). Things have gotten out of hand and I will bet they will get worse. What I see is an AGENDA that is designed to rob of us all of what we all need RISK. If we are protected cradle to grave we will wither and die. Risk is what makes us strong, we overcome fears and move forward. We grow stronger to take on the next challenge.

    We are raising a whole generation of wimps and pussies. Can you imagine what they will be as adults. We are seeing it now and it aint pretty.

  2. They are praying that us old codgers will die off as soon as we can. They hate home schooling because they don’t want our values to be given to the younger generation.When TSHTF there is going to be an awakening that will rattle this nation to it’s core. WE need the FEMA camps to put these progressives in until we can gather enough rope to complete the task at hand.

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