The Most Dangerous Woman In America

jarrett 6The Common Sense Show – by Dave Hodges

Most of you know the look you get when you honestly try and convince a member of the “Sheeple Nation” that America is on life support and that tens of millions are in grave danger. Along these lines, I was recently speaking with a friend of mine from Tennessee and began to point out how bad things in this country have become. Inevitably, the discussion began to center around the subject of unwarranted detention centers, such as the ones I have identified on this site, including NFL stadiums, NBA and NHL arenas and shopping malls. And I added that this is on top of the fact that the US already houses two million inmates, mostly for private profit through the CCA. I told him that DHS had signed agreements with all of these entities so that Americans could be detained without due process.  

My friend rolled his eyes and repeated the national anthem of all sheep, “I didn’t know you were one of them conspiracy theorists”. He couldn’t hold back the laughter. Subsequently, I spent 30 minutes showing him the following evidence, in its raw form, and he then he became visibly shaken.

Americans do not live in an emerging police state; all Americans now live in a fully developed police state. From a false flag event, 9/11, to the development of the most complete police state apparatus the world has ever seen, one has to wonder what’s the “endgame”?

In a recent article, I investigated the question as to whether Obama possessed the personality traits necessary to carry out heinous acts against the American people. Given the fact that the President could quite easily be judged to have Antisocial Personality Disorder (e.g. formerly psychopath and sociopath), Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Paranoid Personality Disorder, the answer is, yes. Obama could be counted to carry out such orders. Who is the likely conduit between Obama and the real source of power in this country? Obama has had so much movement in his cabinet, the only person who could be considered to be Obama’s handler would be Valerie Jarrett. And when one takes a look at Jarrett, she sends chills down my back.

Valerie Jarrett Reveals An End Game Agenda

It was shocking when President George W. Bush stated “you are either with us, or you are with the terrorists.” Senior White House Adviser, Valerie Jarrett, has taken these words to a significantly more dramatic level when she stated that “there will be hell to pay” for Obama’s critics in the second term”.

To be more specific, Jarrett said, “After we win this election, it is payback time. For those who supported us, there will be rewards, for the ones who opposed us, they will get what they deserve. There will be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. With no election to worry about, we have two judges ready to go.”

These are prophetic words and they constitute a threat to any American who does not support the banksters takeover of the country.

Valerie Jarrett Is a Stalinist

Jarrett’s family comes from communist leanings. Her family intermarried with the Bill Ayers family. Yes, that would be the Weathermen Underground terrorist leader, Bill Ayers. That would be the same Bill Ayers who told FBI informant, the late Larry Grathwohl, “that when we take over the United States, we will forcibly detain 50 million Americans in re-education camps in which they will probably have to murder 25 million American citizens who cannot be re-educated.” Grathwohl repeated the Ayers statement on the August 18, 2012 edition ofThe Common Sense Show.

This is the same Valerie Jarrett family which was also involved with Frank Davis the former head of the Communist Party in the United States. This is the same Frank Davis who Joel Gilbert exposed as Obama’s real father. Additionally, the Jarrett family is also affiliated with other so-called “Red Diaper Babies” in which this young group of intellectual elites called for a communist takeover of the United States in the late 1960′s and early 1970′s. For those that know their history, you will remember that the same people engage in terrorist acts involving the detonation of explosive devices in which people died, including a San Francisco police officer. Bill Ayers wife, Bernardine Dorne served a prison term for her participation with this group. And we also know, that Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorne, close friends of Jarrett to this day, funded President Obama’s Harvard education funded . These facts are representative of the reasons related to why many believe that Valerie Jarrett is making the major decisions in the White House. Therefore, it would be prudent to take a look at Jarrett, herself, to determine the direction of the country and the fate of the people in this country.

Jarrett Is Highly Paranoid

Jarrett would have no trouble viewing the bulk of the American people as an enemy which must be dealt with because she is so highly paranoid.

Jarrett’s extreme paranoid ideation, she seems predisposed to seing racism in the wallpaper of a room. While serving as the Department of Planning and Development Commissioner for the City of Chicago, Jarrett once harassed a white business owner for not paying sufficient deference, in print, to the memory of the city’s first black mayor in the mid-1990′s. As Ellie Monty was actually one of the two white owners of the small firm targeted by Jarrett on this issue. Monty described the event as a contrived racial incident in which Jarrett was using fake racial issues to make a name for herself as a reformer in the same exact fashion as did Obama when he was a community activist. I believe in modern day parlance, this attack on Monty would be referred to as a false flag event and we know that the Obama Administration is no stranger to the topic of false flag attacks. And speaking of wallpaper, there is absolute proof that Jarrett was a vicious slum lord and took advantage of the poverty-stricken black people that she seemingly worked so hard to defend as a reformer.

Jarrett Is An Extreme Narcissist

Jarrett has consistently acted with a stunning amount of depraved indifference toward her fellow human beings.

Valerie Jarrett is indeed both a criminal and a human rights violator. She has participated in abusing large numbers of impoverished black citizens and her actions have contributed to these poor souls living in a squalor befitting the worst of a third world country as she became one of America’s most notorious slum lords.

Unfortunately, Jarrett’s slum lord actions took place in Chicago, not in a third world country. Jarrett performed her misdeeds in former State Senator Obama’s Senatorial district in which the future president secured federal funding for Jarrett’s slum housing project.

Jarrett’s political record in Chicago was nothing to be proud about. Jarrett, already was known for her corruption and incompetence, when she was eventually fired by Mayor Daley after a scandal erupted over her role in misuse of public funds in the city’s substandard public housing. In other words, a known political criminal found it necessary to fire a criminal because Jarrett was too extreme, even for Mayor Daley.

Jarrett was the former CEO of Habitat Co., which managed Grove Parc Plaza beginning in 2001 and continued through the time that she served as a member of Obama’s presidential campaign finance committee, until the federally subsidized Chicago complex was seized by the federal government after inspectors found the conditions to unlivable.

Please allow me to pause and ask a question. How does a woman, fired by a corrupt mayor for corruption and busted by the federal government for absconding with federal housing funds while maintaining an apartment complex under the most horrific of conditions, get to be the President’s most trusted adviser?

Jarrett’s past actions are indicative of an individual who would not hesitate to act with extreme malice toward a country who is beginning to believe that this administration is the most dangerous administration in American History. Does my mental health expertise allow me to make the professional judgment that both Jarrett and Obama would ever make the call to carry out the wishes of Bill Ayers, with regard to detentions and exterminations? Without question, this is the case. If you do not think so, ask yourself this question, how hard is to go from this…

jarrett 4

To This?

Can there be any question that Obama and his handler, Valerie Jarrett, possess the psychological make-up to do what I am suggesting here? After acknowledging the obvious, there is only one question left to ask.


Does Jarrett and Obama Have the Necessary Legal Authority to Act with Extreme Malice Against the American People?

The NDAA, ushered in by Obama allows the government to “disappear” and murder American citizens without due process of law. Under the President, detention centers have been readied (e.g. NFL stadiums). This alone, gives the President the power to carry out Jarrett’s threat of “hell to pay..” for Obama non-supporters. Doesn’t this make one pause and wonder why the NSA has to gather so much of personal data such as the websites we search, who we talk to on the phone and what we say and write?

The National Defense Resource Preparedness Executive Order permits Obama to declare martial law, seize all critical assets in the country including food, and this can be done just on Obama’s say so.

We see depraved indifference exhibited toward the American people with regard to healthcare. With the passage of Obamacare, we have socialized almost 20% of the economy and have instituted death panels with promise to euthanize the elderly and other infirm people in the same manner as they are doing in Great Britain. If one is willing to commit acts of depraved indifference in one area, when does it become depraved indifference in any area?

I have never wanted to be more wrong in my life as there is no doubt that America has been not only been hijacked by an immoral group of international bankers who are plundering our country’s assets and resources, but we are being ruled by the bankers’ puppets who are proving to be ruthless Communist dictators who will not hesitate to “purge” their political opponents in the same manner as Stalin and Hitler. Valerie Jarrett has the means and the legal authority to push Obama into giving America the darkest days in her history. When it comes time to act against the American people, it will be Jarrett, not Obama, that makes the final call. There is indeed, going to be hell to pay.

5 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Woman In America

  1. Pitchforks, Rope and a strong Tree will fix this problem. They did not get the guns first….If they try for the guns… that will start the ball rolling. Forefathers had the insight to apply the Second Ad to the Bill Of Rights.

  2. Hey All
    Saying and doing are 2 totally different things,the fkn commies know they dont have a snowballs chance in hell of enslaving americans and big words on secret papers aint worth doodley squat.
    What are they waiting on I dont see no one running or begging these prix for anything,the 20% percent of parasites thinking the gubberment is all mighty are of no use to real americans anyway. Each and every day more and more real americans are wiping the sleep from their eyes and when this thing gets started they wont be able to run fast enough or hide deep enough to avoid reaping what they have sown,if and when they show up at my home I’ll start this sumbitch off right quick,yes they will get me but I guarandamntee you it wont be a one for one trade,I have delt with cowards my whole life and it takes little more than standing up to see the yellow streak that is in all cowardly thugs.

  3. “Please allow me to pause and ask a question. How does a woman, fired by a corrupt mayor for corruption and busted by the federal government for absconding with federal housing funds while maintaining an apartment complex under the most horrific of conditions, get to be the President’s most trusted adviser?”

    Exactly what I was thinking? WTF? Complete insanity and corruption at its highest levels.

    This is the kind of stuff that happens with officials in the Chinese government. With the right connections, money and blackmail, they can get away with blatant and in your face murder in a crowd of hundreds of people and still immediately move up in a higher office. I know that seems to happen here all the time these days, but there was a time when it didn’t. Just more proof that we are now officially a COMMUNIST country.

  4. “Jarrett, already was known for her corruption and incompetence, when she was eventually fired by Mayor Daley after a scandal erupted over her role in misuse of public funds in the city’s substandard public housing. In other words, a known political criminal found it necessary to fire a criminal because Jarrett was too extreme, even for Mayor Daley.”

    THAT’S bad.

    A true daughter of Satan, if ever there was one.

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