The March Toward The New World Order

Western elite funded communism and socialism are the phony revolutionary ideas behind the corporate new world order.Helping Misguided Voters – by Dianne Richardson

For decades US presidents of both parties have used the words, the ‘New World Order’ in speeches. (1A)(1B)(1C)(1D) This is the UN’s grand plan to herd all humans, except the elites, into high-rise urban zones of their designation and design, while leaving the vast land masses to nature. It’s formally known Agenda 21, aka Earth-friendly Communism. Except that nature would be managed so as to feed everyone in the way the New World Order decides. (2) This plan fits the desires of other elite groups that also want to control us, so the concept gets support from the likes of the Bilderberg Group through the Federal Reserve and we presume Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs, as well as the Trilateral Commission, a future world controlled by a supreme Muslim monarch with caliphates, and the future world of Communism soon to be lead by Barack Hussein Obama. (3) Because it’s too early to react, I suppose the plan by each group is to wait until it’s about done, then ‘fight it out’ to see who wins ultimate control. In the meantime, they are happy to take their share of whatever comes their way during the global conversion.  

And it seems that our own government is hard at work participating, but it’s a complicated and mixed bag making it somewhat easy to conceal.

As Obama institutes Communism in America — ObamaCare, Common Core, Socialist rules and regulations, etc — they also need the land, so the government’s BLM creates cattle and sheep grazing fees just high enough that ranchers have trouble paying, eventually leading to high unpaid land use taxes and fines. Then the government confiscates their cattle and sheep, then finally their lands. But they are still not done, because the government fines follow some even into their retirement years through deductions in their Social Security checks, for life. Indian tribe lands are not immune because the government is their (very abusive) land ’trustee.’ And this has been shown that it has nothing to do with the Desert Tortoises. (4)(5)(6)

To make an important point: Then comes the obligatory opportunist greed: Congress gives away renewable/alternative energy tax credits and or subsidies (7A), or the government allows land to be used for wind and solar energy farms. (7B) It also gives away farm subsidies to use or not use land the way it wants. (7C) Then, somehow, insiders get ownership of some of these lands, and the government sends them a hefty check every year. (8A)(8B) The point is greed and waste are everywhere in our government: Hillary Clinton ‘lost’ $6B as Secretary of State. (9) Our government easily wastes more money in a day than many countries earn in a year, yet the BLM has taxed all the cattle and sheep ranchers in Nevada out of existence, taking their lands and their way of life, except for one: Cliven Bundy, owner of the Bundy Ranch. But not for trying, because they attacked people at the ranch, shot some of his cattle and tried to kill others by destroying their watering holes, then tried to use ‘military-like’ force with armed SWAT teams and snipers until help arrived. (10)

The next step to the New World Order: Governments begin to ‘give away’ their sovereign lands to other countries so the territorial integrity of their nations become obsolete. Through Barack Hussein Obama, the United States is among the first to ‘participate,’ in this phase, along with Ecuador, probably because like indigenous jungle tribes we can be so easily manipulated. (11) This was accomplished by the Chinese government buying our bonds, which is the way we accumulate debt. But it only owns about 22% of all foreign-held bonds, which is only about 7% of our overall public debt. (12A)(12B) Surely, the Obama Administration is wasteful, but we are not in any crisis, so there is no compelling reason to exchange Chinese held bonds for US sovereign land. None! But just like Ecuador, our government is allowing the conversion of some of that ‘debt’ to the ownership of large tracts of sovereign territory to Communist China. But in our case, by hiding much of this early ownership in partnerships with US companies. (13) In this way, there will eventually be no countries, no USA, just the New World Order with global agricultural, energy and enterprise zones that the UN will manage.

Who are these elites? Through various ‘presidential’ strata, they are the multimillionaires and billionaires around the world with nothing better to do than play games to manage global wealth, through the very corrupt but manageable UN and corruptible presidents of countries, while making all the decisions and money they can. It can be compared to a serious game of global monopoly in which countries are the pieces, oceans are the roads, and big global banks are the holders of all ‘our hard earned money’ in the names of the elites, because they decide how much we can keep. But they will probably tell you that it’s to help ‘manage the growing world populations.’

Welcome to The New Order! Comrade.

Should Obama be impeached over this? “You Betcha!” And every member of Congress that contributed.


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  1. “…Who are these elites?…”

    Read Lobaczewski’s “Political Ponerology: A Science of the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes’ and find out that every single one of them is a psychopath.

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