The Most Divisive President in American History has Split US in Two


Two Americas



I don’t think America has been this divided since the Civil War.  A war between the makers  and the takers has given Barack Obama his second term and the few  are taking control over the many with nary a whimper of protest coming from those who are the many.  We who are the majority are losing our Freedoms at a record pace to please the few who scream the loudest.


When will the Majority Stand Up and say Enough Already?







5 thoughts on “The Most Divisive President in American History has Split US in Two

  1. Good post, Digs. Love the “It’s not about race stupid, it’s a matter of principles” one. That’s exactly what it is and why these stupid sheeple just don’t get it.

    1. Absolutely correct NC & Diggerdan! Until people stop playing the blame game and focus on the principle issues, we will continue to be divided — not united. My favorite music is the sound of an angry mob after they wake-up!

  2. Left – Right, Conservative – Liberal, DINO – RINO, what do you want cancer or aids, they will both kill you and that is what is happening. WAKE the F UP.

  3. Not to dismiss the cost of welfare and handouts, but the cartoons in this piece tend to divide us further by not pointing out the astronomically higher costs of corporate welfare and interest paid on the national debt on loans that bankers created out of thin air. It’s easy to get angry about street punks living on the dole. The ruling elites are much more discreet about the trillions they take out of our pockets. I want everybody to stop stealing from me, rich or poor, but ESPECIALLY the rich.

    1. I am totally with you. The amount of taxpayer money going into food subsidies, R&D of business, business loans, bank bailouts, etc, is the real problem. Not the money spent on the actual citizens of this country.

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