Colorado Cops Unhappy to Be ‘Props’ for Obama’s Gun-Control Visit

National Review – by Andrew Johnson

With President Obama scheduled to meet with local law enforcement and speak in Denver today, some Colorado police officers are speaking out in protest of both the president’s policies and his use of cops as a backdrop for his visit. “Don’t come and preach to us. We don’t need that,” said one country sheriff. “We know our communities.”

“Who better . . . to have stand behind you than police officers when you’re trying to ban guns?” remarked another, retired, police officer. “What an awesome prop.”

Via the Washington Free Beacon.

2 thoughts on “Colorado Cops Unhappy to Be ‘Props’ for Obama’s Gun-Control Visit

  1. There is nothing, not one law that will reduce gun violence. Criminals do not abide by the law that is why they are criminals. Criminals do not register guns, buy insurance for gun ownership or do background checks. They also do not walk into gun shops to buy guns so tell me… I want to know how is any law which a law abiding citizen will obey stop gun violence. Please tell me I really want to know.

    Another falacy is if guns are removed murders will stop. Wrong there are axes, knives, sledge hammers, razors, plastic bags, ties and scarfs and a multitude of other weapons to choose from.

    The truth if it really is get the guns so we the powerful rich dont get hurt when it all comes down. Now that makes sense.

  2. against the peace and dignity of the soil

    mass murderers should not have access to nuklear weapons, or military satellites..

    and the “MEDIA”….and a currency printing press…

    Right ?

    with apologies to John Denver.

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