The Next Staged Supply Chain Shockwave? Food Processing Plants Targeted by Fires!

Apr 21, 2022– Mysterious fires and explosions have hit Many different food processing plants within the past year or so. Its becoming pretty obvious that these events are connected! Shanghai is one of the largest manufacturing centers in China, with heavy concentrations of automotive and electronics suppliers. It is home to the largest container port in the world and a major airport that serves inbound and outbound air cargo. Exports produced in Shanghai account for 7.2% of China’s total volume and about 20% of China’s export container throughput moves through the port there, according to the BBVA report. Most warehouses and plants are closed, nine out of 10 trucks are sidelined, the port and airport have limited function, shipping units are stranded in the wrong places, and freight is piling up. More and more, the logistics impacts are rippling beyond the contagion epicenter. Learn More:……

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