The NYPD fearing the fight-back by population

Press TV

Press TV has conducted an interview with Caleb Maupin, International Action Center, New York about the issue of Mayor Michael Bloomberg defending the ‘stop and frisk’ policy in the United States. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: You live in New York, I’m sure you’ve seen this – What do you think? Is it excessive; necessary; does it favor whites; is it discrimination – What is your opinion on this?

Maupin: The overwhelming majority of those who are stopped by ‘stop and frisk’ are people of color. It’s very clear that stop and frisk is not about keeping people safe, it’s about intimidation. It is an intimidation, it is the latest threaten and beat down on the African American and Latino and just get it into the heads that they can be subject to getting searched at any point. It’s a clear violation of the Constitution and all the talk of probable cause.

And it really just shows how freedom in this country is really just up for grabs – the second they find it convenient to rid of someone’s freedom they do it. And that’s what is going on right now.

Mayor Bloomberg is a billionaire who got rich by feeding Wall Street information and it’s really disgusting and this city is very much locked down.

There was the case of Ramarley Graham, a young man who ran away from police when they tried to stop and frisk him so the police followed him home, burst into his apartment and put a bullet through his heart.

This kind of stuff is happening all the time and they say this is a free country. Well it’s not free when the police can murder you and get away with it.

Press TV: In one sense – I don’t know if there’s studies that have been done – Is it doing more harm than good?

Maupin: I don’t understand what good it could possibly do, to search people to intimidate people basically turning the city into a giant prison in a way. Everywhere you go in New York City there’s cops on the corner search people, padding people down; you can’t ride the train you can’t go anywhere without police everywhere.

Boston is a similar police state and look what happened there, there was a bombing. Did it keep us any safer? No.

It’s just intimidation and essentially this is to serve the super rich; it is to serve Wall Street; billionaire Mayor Bloomberg is serving Wall Street.

And also the NYPD the New York City Police Department, not only do they have offices all over the United States, which is a clear violation of their jurisdiction, they have an office in Israel. The New York City Police Department actually has an office in Israel; and they brag about this. This is out of control.

The police in this country are clearly out of control – they’re beating people they’re murdering people in every city whether it’s New York, Baltimore, Cleveland, Los Angeles, San Francisco the police are murdering people all over this country.

Law enforcement is on a rampage right now because they’re trying to hold back the people. There’s an economic crisis going on, people are losing their homes and because of that they’re fearing the fight-back that’s coming.

People are going to rise up against them and they know it and they’re bracing for the coming revolution.


4 thoughts on “The NYPD fearing the fight-back by population

  1. If they honored the oath they swore to when they took the job, they’d have nothing to fear, but when you spend eight hours per day harassing innocent people, you should expect some “fight-back”, and you would certainly deserve it.

  2. Profiling of Asians, Hispanics, and Blacks has been a big part of the San Jose, CA police department for years. I agree … they are scared.

    . . .

    1. What can anyone expect when a lot of our military and police have been trained by the ultimate terrorist regime, Israel.

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