14 thoughts on ““The only solution is Communist revolution”

  1. DR DAVID E MARTIN THE VIRUS WAS ENGINEERED AND PATENTED DECADES AGO 46min Patent office responding to Fauci’s attempt to patent mRNA vaccine: “These arguments are persuasive to the extent that an antigenic peptide stimulates an immune response that may produce antibodies that bind to specific peptide or protein but is NOT persuasive in regards to a vaccine. The immune response produced by a vaccine MUST be more than merely some immune response but must also be protective as noted in the previous office action the ARC recognises the term vaccine mean to be a compound which prevents infection. Applicant has not demonstrated that the instantly claimed vaccine meets even the lower standard set forth in the specification let alone the standard definition for being operative in regards. Therefore claims 5, 7, 9 are not operative as the anti HIV vaccine. Is not patentable utility.” Patent office themselves told Fauci his proposed synthetic mRNA vaccine didn’t meet the patent standard the legal standard or the clinical standard to be a vaccine. The people most organise and charge the government officials who have taken part in approving the restrictions and charge them with terrorism, treason, genocide.

  2. That Jackson is front and center tells us how far up this goes. Well, it’s finally a relief to hear them come right out and yell that they want communism. Keep yellin’, mofos. Yell yourself right into Mao’s ditch. Free people won’t follow you.


  3. What’s gonna happen is they gonna find out the hard way what they didn’t want 😉
    Dear, Organic Sandbags…
    Give it a go!

  4. They’re finally coming out and saying EXACTLY what they intend?

    I am just shocked they got their puppet race baiter out there saying it in no uncertain terms. Reality probably setting in for some but not for any wide eyed Trenchers.

  5. This could end up pretty good. The communist are revealed in the violent outrage, force the UN to play their hand, and are slaughtered in the process, all the better for the real patrons of freedom and liberty to clean the mess up and restore the Bill of Rights

    1. I saw the frikkin’ header: “COMMUNIST PARTY U.S.A!!” It’s proudly flyin’ its b.s. Thank you for the link, Walter. This shows how hard they’re organizing to pretend they’re providing the higher road. You can almost hear back-door meetings where they’re saying things like:

      “We’ll run it as humanitarian.”

      “We’ll promise an end to world suffering.”

      Sure, and they’ll burn the horror of history and what Communism did to hundreds of millions. They’ll steal from the people while they remain rich. And above all they’ll try to forever hide and/or discredit The Bill of Rights. In their eyes, the INDIVIDUAL is the ARCH ENEMY.

      It’s a tense Monday. They’re pullin’ out all the guns. Guess who else is doing that.


  6. They’re called the Revolutionary Communist Party or RCP. I’d never heard of them before. They’ve openly declared a revolution. They have branches in New York, Los Angeles and a headquarters in Chicago.

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