The Resident: All Americans are terrorists

Published on Jun 26, 2013 by RTAmerica

Many people have dismissed concern over the recently revelation that the NSA has been keeping tabs on them, proclaiming they have nothing to hide. But as the US government declares more and more people as terrorists, more people should be concerned that they already have case files against them. The Resident (aka Lori Harfenist) discusses the issue.

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7 thoughts on “The Resident: All Americans are terrorists

  1. Have anyone else noticed that when America find’s that the Obama Administration has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they attempt to make conservatives out to be racist? I have, and it Never fails. OK, that is another story, but I must ask the author of this Blog, because the American people have not left their homes, and ran down to the White House to protest, does not mean, that we are all sitting on our A$$ doing nothing. I for one, have contacted, my senators, congressman, those who were directly involved, plus the president. I mentioned that, I don’t believe that our vet’s, and every American Citizens will appreciate the Obama Admin. believing that we are the terrorist. I said alot more, but that was the gest of it. If I personnally had the authority to fire those top people involved in all of Obama’s Admin. starting with that A$$ Eric Holder, ending with Obama, but I need the rest of America to stand up, and fight by any means neccessary, hopfully just by emailing as I did, and be forceful in your feelings. Remember, the Gov. works for us.

    1. They do look in the mirror Leita, ya see they are in denial and they want to mess with everybody else besides themselves.

      1. Yea. They’re so narcissistic on the tax payers dime they can’t see the maggots
        for the worms. Ha Ha But, bless them for they know what they do.

        1. The Federal government along with the State and Local now are parasites that are sucking the hosts { that being us } dry. The police state they have assembled is there to protect them!

  2. So, two things. If WE are the terrorists, then the victims, the terrorized, must be the million or so direct dependents on the federal trough. The only problem there is the part where they believe they have the right to pro-actively defend themselves from the general populace of their country. They don’t. Employees aren’t allowed to blackmail their bosses, and the government is the employee.

    And, secondly, it seems that, taken correctly as a representative of a class, it should be feasible to lodge a class-action suit against the federal government, a “cease and desist” order if you will on behalf of any of the US population who wants to be considered as part of the plaintiff class. The suit would demand that the appropriate constitutional amendments be followed regarding personal data, from then on, and that information gathered en-mass thus far must be destroyed and expunged from permanent record.

    A government that really works for the population doesn’t keep a detailed dossier on everyone. It must fear the people, literally be enslaved to them, and be prevented from ever taking steps such that it would not need to fear them.

    1. Joe joe joe,THEY HAVE IGNORED OUR PETITIONS AND slave like pleadings,they are just like those pesky deer that gobble my garden,I begged and pleaded with them to QUIT EATING MY LABOR(corn beans Roma tomatoes) they ignored my pleas but I figured it out real quick POWER OR LEAD keeps invaders out of whats mine, I suggest you finish swallowing that “bitter red pill” .

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