4 thoughts on “The Sheep are Subdued

  1. Yep, it’s plastered all over the tube and Yahoo this entire week. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I don’t give a rat’s ass about that girl or her life or whatever she did on any hour or day of the week. I just say, “Scram kid, you’re bothering me”. She’s like a fly that just won’t get SWAT and I don’t mean police SWAT.

    All a distraction to prevent the sheeple from seeing the war in Syria. I can’t believe how sheeple put more importance in Hollywood actors and sports celebrities rather than the fact their lives are literally hanging by a thread these days. I guess it is that “Oh well” and “just get someone else to do it” slothful attitude that they grew up with. What an absolute shame. God help us all. Sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins and the sheeple are proving it every day by never being active.

  2. Turn their damn tv sets off
    and while there yet is an internet,
    search the net for current news that seems
    to make sense…..like these sites which allow
    comments……..because commentators will see through bull shit
    put to them and will say so…..
    So its not that difficult to find out whats most likely closest to truth…….
    Truth when its needed…
    Thats always…not every once in awhile

  3. While the World is being led to the precipice of possible annihilation by the U.S. war mongering government the media is numbing down the people with scenes of Miley Cyrus acting like she’s in some damn porn video.
    Wake up America……We are heading into a catastrophe. We are starting another war in the most volatile area on Earth. We are risking WW III here and not for any benefit or security of America either. This is for the benefit of “OTHERS”.

  4. I don’t know anyone (including my 20 year old daughter) that gives a crap about Miley Cyrus. As to the term “sheeple”…they ain’t out here in this mountain community in far west Texas…big cities maybe…and I don’t do Yahoo (or MSN or any mainstream media online site) either. I haven’t trusted the media since the NYTimes falsified their reporting on an anti-war demonstration in NYC in April 1970 (I was there and I know what went down…the NYT completely senationalized it). It’s gotten to the point where those who believe the MSM deserve what they get, IMHO, and have no credibility with me.

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