The Truth About Addiction – RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

Published on Feb 5, 2014 by Stefan Molyneux

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Keith Moon, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston; John Belushi, Jim Morrison and Cory Monteith. All died an early death due to their addictions. What is the origin and truth about drug addiction?

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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Addiction – RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

  1. Great information diggerdan, a very well done video.

    The war on heroin was won in Afghanistan. We are presently awash in cheap opiates.
    I am an alcohol addict. It was self medication, no fancy analysis needed to determine the reasons why, and only alcohol worked.
    Pot and ‘shrooms made me extremely paranoid. (and that was just low potency 70’s pot)
    I realized anything but alcohol was not good at all, and out of fear of negative emotional/mental reaction, avoided everything but booze. I am still thankful for that early decision.
    Been off the booze again for 7 years. A 3 year relapse after 15 years sober.
    Interestingly, the booze only made me cranky, not the nice feeling it gave me earlier, so it was easy to quit the second time.
    The best source of support I found was at AA.
    “Reality is for people who cannot handle booze and drugs”

    1. Thanks georgew. I do not think much about most videos ect. about addiction/rehab. video`s but this guy nailed it. That is why I posted it. I can vouch for what this guy said about those loong term rehab. places first hand. Yea This is one of the better ones I have seen on this subject for sure. Addiction is easily the lesser of two evils as I know first hand personally and with some of my good freinds. What can I say – that`s the truth. I could go on and on about the subject but not enough time in a day for sure.

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