The Truth IS anti-Semitic

Published on Mar 18, 2013 by Snordster

From the Wizard of Oz, found here:…
This one will deffo be dumped and I will have a second strike. Pls share if you can?

“We shall have a [Jewish] world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” – James Warburg, Jewish Merchant Banker

Our ruling crime families are not dumb. In fact, they are getting smarter and faster. They know it’s the endgame. They know, it’s either us or them. It took them a while to work out that it is cheaper to go from A to B riding their horse to death and replacing it with a new one, than watering, feeding and giving it a rest when it gets tired. So they replaced feudalism and open slavery with capitalism. Then they figured that it is more profitable to groom the smartest and most ambitious kids on the block and entice them with a privileged life style in return for their help with outsmarting their fellow-men with trickery and evil scams. So they gave us the soft-spoken psychopaths and mild-mannered mass-murderers that roam corporate boardrooms.

The most ruthless of those smart kids end up with multibillion dollar fortunes, not for them to use at their sole discretion, but to put to ‘good use’ in the stealth enslavement of mankind. Those Bill Gates, George Soroses, Eric Schmitts and Mark Zuckerbergs know all too well that their fortunes will be wiped out overnight, if they don’t do as they are being told. That’s why every copy of MS Windows and the MacOS has a back door to Mossad and the NSA. That’s why Bill Gates donates billions to mass sterilisation programmes disguised as vaccinations and invests heavily in Monsanto and chemtrails. That’s why George Soros spends hundreds of millions on campaigns to help disarm the American people and overthrow governments that refuse to follow the orders of the ruling parasites. That’s why Eric Schmitt has transformed his search engine into a corporate ‘Big Brother’ and Mark Zuckerberg his social networking application into a spying tool that knows everything about you, your family, your friends, your likes and dislikes, even your most private thoughts.

The truth is anti-Semitic

8 thoughts on “The Truth IS anti-Semitic

  1. Religion is almost dead in this country, unfortunately. God’ so called people were given a chance egos ago to straighten up and they refused. They have truly become the instrument of Satan.

  2. I have faith the scourge will be brought down like they were in a hundred
    other countries. By and large, this has become a Godless country and
    without belief of a higher power and judgement, all Hell has come.

    1. Leita…Sad but true. It has become Godless as a whole. I have trouble with people who act like what I’m trying to tell them is crazy talk..It’s unbelievable.

      1. I know. They just listen to MSM bull or read the Wall
        Street Journal, New York Times, local times.
        I am seen the same – a kook. Oh well.

  3. These Satanic scum made their choice 2,000 years ago. It wasn’t enough that they rejected Christ, they had to murder him as well.

    There WILL be hell to pay.

  4. The truth is PRO-GENTILE……. anti-GENTILISM is the cause of so-called antisemitism. Prehistoric Non-Jews did not sit around campfires and just decide to hate Jews for no reason, and then wait thousands of years for a Jew to come along just so they could pick on him. Jews codified anti-GENTILISM into their Zenophobic Tribalism, and have been creating enemies by their rabid hatred of all “GOYIM”(NON-Jews) ever since. There was never such a thing as “antisemitism” until Jews came along and CAUSED IT.

    Have you noticed how the writers are “cleverly sneaking” this insult into TV shows …… “Shiksa.” Jews call white Christian women shiksas. This is a derogatory term derived from the Hebrew word, “sheygetz” which means a “blemished and unclean animal.” The Talmud teaches that committing fornication with a “shiksa” is a “sin of bestiality” rather than a sin of adultery. This is because the Talmud teaches that the white Gentile Christian woman is an “unclean animal.” (Talmud, Tractate Berakhot).

    1. I think General Patton, my all time favorite General, said it right
      in regards to zionists or whatever they are “the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen”, and other illuminating quotes.
      There was a nurse who was a wife of a orthodox zionist in the hosp
      I worked. She came to work everyday filthy, always wore a rat nest
      wig. Was fired d/t unsterile practices, i.e death of a pt from infection
      during bedside dialysis. She was protected too long.

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