The UN Declares ‘War’ Against Covid and Climate Change ‘Misinformation’

2 thoughts on “The UN Declares ‘War’ Against Covid and Climate Change ‘Misinformation’

  1. Yesterday I met Big Brother’s wife. Now here I meet his mistress, and she looks like a Kamala doppelganger from Tel Aviv.

    Saruman took Middle-earth’s most beautiful beings, the elves, and turned them into hideous orcs, transformed them into the epitome of compliant killing-machines. In a sense this is what has happened to many women today. It shows itself in the Karens on the street, and the teachers in the schools who are so lost they live in a kingdom of nonsense. But mostly it shows itself in the so-called ‘leadership,’ where creation’s gift of the natural feminine has be beaten out of them rendering them hard, and fake, and unattractive, and suspect, and false. It’s like asking an ant to do the work of a lion and no matter what disguise it wears or what script it reads, it is still an ant.

    Creeepy, creepy, creeps among us
    Walking virus, walking fungus
    End the torching of The True
    Bring beauty back for me and you


    1. So true, galen. They make me really want to bash their brains in, but what kind of a woman would that make of me? It’s hard to ignore them, so all that seems to work for me is the possibility that under the weight of it all, they will fall into the sink hole they have made for themselves bringing everything that is wrong with them straight to hell with them.

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