The US Government Has Gone Full Rogue

Dollar Vigilante – by Paul Seymour

For all I know, this simple sharing of the truth may put me on a terrorist watch list, if I wasn’t already one of millions on such a list. Recently I’ve been noticing a series of events which make me realize that the financial system end game, which has been brewing for a very long time, may be close at hand.  

US Brokerage Unilaterally Changes Client’s Investments to US T-bills

A client of ours living in Ecuador, recently sent me a disturbing piece of news. He wrote: “We were recently talking to our next door neighbor who told us they were taking a trip to the US. The reason for the trip was because they attempted to transfer some of their moneyoverseas and were told by the bank that they had to appear in person to make the transfer.”

This was brought about because of what their broker/brokerage firm did several months ago. When they looked at their brokerage statement they discovered that some of their equities had been sold (without their permission) and that they had purchased US Treasuries (also without their permission)! When they questioned the broker he told them he was told by his superior to do this and NOT to tell his clients about it! The icing on the cake is that they will have to pay capital gains tax on the equities they sold. Neat eh?

Makes you wonder how many other clients have had this happen to them and they don’t know about it because they don’t look closely at their statements. Although hard to believe, this falls in line with the increasingly desperate gyrations being made by the essentially US government (USG) run banks, and the shady groups that run the USG.

E-mail Providers to Report ‘Terrorist’ Activity of Users

Another client alerted me to the fact that yet another, fascist style Big Brother bill is being rammed through Congress. Usually they try to fool the sheeple with misleading names like the Patriot Act, or the HIRE Act. Not anymore. Now the tyranny is right there like a cold slap in the face. This time it’s the 2016 Intelligence Authorization Act. So you, through your elected representatives, are now “authorizing” the NSA, DHS, CIA, DEA, ICE, FBI, ATF, I’ve probably forgotten 3-4 dozen agencies, and park rangers for that matter, to gather intelligence. Most likely on you.

This small section of the bill is aimed at companies like Facebook, Yahoo and Google, etc, to somehow put into place a mechanism for filtering all messages that pass through their systems, and determine which ones they consider to be indicative of possible terrorism, and then have that system report all communications/texts/e-mails, which qualify, to some unaccountable bureaucrat at some dark USG agency or agencies.

How do the multitude of unaccountable bureaucrats, and now, corporate employees at such important US institutions like Facebook define terrorism? Well we know that only the most intelligent people in the country can get federal gummint, and/or work at Facebook, so relax. The fact that an accusation of terrorism could now legally have you thrown in solitary confinement for life, without charge nor trial (indefinite detention law), isn’t anything to be worried about, really. I’d trust little bubble-gum popping Suzy to make that kind of determination, no problem.

Straight from the FBI website, here you have their Definitions of Terrorism in the U.S. Code 18 U.S.C. § 2331 defines “international terrorism” and “domestic terrorism” for purposes of Chapter 113B of the Code, entitled “Terrorism”:

“International terrorism” means activities with the following three characteristics:

Involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law; Appear to be intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and

Occur primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S., or transcend national boundaries in terms of the means by which they are accomplished, the persons they appear intended to intimidate or coerce, or the locale in which their perpetrators operate or seek asylum.”

That is practically the mission statement of certain US government agencies in a nutshell, isn’t it? FBI cont’d:

“Domestic terrorism” means activities with the following three characteristics: Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;  Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; … Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.

18 U.S.C. § 2332b defines the term “federal crime of terrorism” as an offense that:

Is calculated to influence or affect the conduct of government by intimidation or coercion, or to retaliate against government conduct;

Land of the free, my ass. What the hell does that even mean … “retaliate against government conduct?” Are they referring to Constitutionally protected civil disobedience here? A DHS-funded think tank has already listed people who have knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, and people who display certain political bumper stickers, as potential domestic terrorists. Specifically naming Ron Paul supporters. So don’t worry, you’ll probably never get snagged in such a narrow dragnet.

Perfect Segue to Ron Paul Message on Sunday TV coverage of British Open

I haven’t heard anyone speak about it, but I thought it was quite significant to see several TV ads during the Sunday edition of the British Open golf tournament by none other than Ron Paul. He was warning over three million viewers on ESPN alone of the upcoming collapse and guiding them towards his ronpaulmessage49 dot com website. I haven’t seen this message go mainstream before, and I thought that it was an indication that the final days may be at hand. He’s warning of not only a significant economic collapse infinitely worse than 2008, and the Great Depression, but an additional warning related to the US dollar itself.

(ED Note: Please see our website that has a video along the same lines but with a different kind of urgency and clarity featuring insights about the coming collapse you must know. We’re also offering a free, well-received White Paper that provides extensive and necessary solutions and resources.)

Ron Paul stated, “People won’t have a clue what to do when there’s a line around the block to access the ATM, or when banks start shutting down. They won’t know what to do when stores stop accepting dollars as payment, or when no one is willing to make a loan anymore…I’m predicting social unrest… By the time we see a full blown currency crisis, it’ll be too late for you to protect yourself. The government won’t warn you nor save you. Your financial safety is in your own hands.”

This former US Senator has predicted the imminent seizure by Congress (or Presidential executive order) of people’s 401(k) and IRA assets, in order to convert them to worthless US government bonds.

Apparently, according to our client in Ecuador, that’s already occurring in some fashion. He’s also predicting a wealth tax on all of your assets. When the US dollar collapse occurs, he predicts a number of new laws will be enacted on an emergency basis to control the flow of capital, i. e. capital controls. As we’ve pointed out, FATCA is a back-door capital control law, as it really seeks to trap US dollars in the US.

FATCA and FBAR Lawsuit

In July seven plaintiffs, including Presidential hopeful Rand Paul, filed a lawsuit requesting an injunction against the illegal and unconstitutional law known as FATCA. I’ve written numerous articles on the illegality of the law in the past and I believe this step should have been taken earlier. In fact a Florida Rep tried, but was ignored, so I suppose it had to be beefed up a great deal, which it appears to have been.

The suit itself, filed in federal court in Dayton, Ohio, argues that the intergovernmental agreements (IGA’s) entered into between the Treasury Department and foreign countries that form the practical basis of FATCA should be classified as treaties and, as such, should require ratification by a two-thirds majority of U.S. senators, which is why Paul has standing as a plaintiff.

It also highlights the burdens placed on U.S. citizens living abroad by the act and its impact on their expectations of the basic human right to personal privacy, also noting that it is the reason for the recent high rate of renunciation of U.S citizenship (up 15-fold in the last 10 years). Those are just the renunciations which are reported by the USG. We know it’s much higher, as a firm who helps people get out from under the tyranny of the USG, has never once seen a person they have helped to renounce on any of the USG lists.

By the way, I’ve relinquished my citizenship under 8 US Code § 1481. There are seven ways to relinquish, with renunciation being just one. Don’t be fooled by the spin doctors that you must renounce, which requires that you step foot on US soil. That could be dangerous. Simply by obtaining another citizenship you have legally relinquished, after notifying the State Dept, by mail of your desire to do so.

Finally, the suit seeks justice related to the penalties imposed by FATCA and FBAR, respectively, as they are clearly unconstitutionally excessive. It specifically targets the Canadian, Czech, Israeli and Swiss agreements for renunciation. (Paul has also been separately responsible for blocking ratification of a U.S.-Swiss tax treaty signed in 2009.) The other plaintiffs are Americans who live abroad who are challenging various other aspects of the act, and its associated reporting requirements.

We’ve covered this topic in great detail for two years now, and realize that the US government has gone full-out rogue. Meaning that it’s corrupt, power-hungry functionaries laugh at any laws, or Constitutional rights which cause any inconvenience with respect to achieving their power grabs. However, the lead lawyer on this suit is James Bopp, the same man who brought us Citizens United, and even those who seem to enjoy laying over for the government, concede that this suit has some steam, with Bopp at the helm.

Bopp is the sleaze responsible for changing the Constitution to allow corporations to buy politicians, which is essentially what the Citizens United case did. Therefore the blatant oligarchy which we see today, rather than the hidden oligarchy of the past. Subtle, I agree. Not someone I’d like to be in the same room with, and an apparently strange bedfellow for those who are now seeking to protect basic Constitutional rights. However, in the corrupt world of US courts, I guess you need a guy like this on your side in order to have any chance.

It reminds me of a joke a cousin of mine just sent to me. The difference between the U.S. Supreme Court and the Ku Klux Klan is that the members of the Supreme Court dress in black robes, and scare white people.

Chinese Banks Stop Using USD, and Switch to Russian Ruble Instead

Tying in a bit to the currency wars and imminent collapse of the US dollar that Ron Paul speaks about in message 49, we came across an article yesterday that the Chinese central bank, known as the People’s Bank of China, has discontinued use of the US dollar, and is instead using Russian rubles, at a bank near the Russian border.

They’re calling it an experiment which may expand to other cities (read-you can expect to see more of this). They’re also implementing a payment system for international transactions between the two countries. That sounds like an alternative to the SWIFT system to me.

I started to write an article on the SWIFT system, but had difficulty learning enough about it to do so. It’s apparently just a huge computer network, started at the time of the Nixon Shock by a private company in Brussels, Belgium. They state “SWIFT does not facilitate funds transfer; rather, it sends payment orders, which must be settled by correspondent accounts that the institutions have with each other. Each financial institution, to exchange banking transactions, must have a banking relationship by either being a bank or affiliating itself with one (or more) so as to enjoy those particular business features.” That’s like the TSA saying – if you don’t like us grabbing your balls, then just don’t fly.

It sounds like Russian and Chinese banks are about to liberate themselves from that required affiliation (slavery). Of course, the US exerts a great deal of control over SWIFT. To display the power that the USG exerts over SWIFT, On 26 February 2012 the Danish newspaper Berlingske reported that US authorities have sufficient control over SWIFT to seize money being transferred between two EU countries (Denmark and Germany), as they in fact seized around US$26,000 which was being transferred from a Danish businessman to a German bank.

The money was a payment for a batch of Cuban cigars previously imported to Germany by a German supplier. As justification for the seizure, the U.S. Treasury stated that the Danish businessman had violated the United States embargo against Cuba.

Der Spiegel reported in September 2013 that the NSA widely monitors banking transactions via SWIFT, as well as credit card transactions. The NSA intercepted and retained data from the SWIFT network used by thousands of banks to securely send transaction information. SWIFT was named as a “target,” according to documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The documents reveal that the NSA spied on SWIFT using a variety of methods, including reading SWIFT printer traffic from numerous banks.

I guess one couldn’t blame the Russians and Chinese for wanting a more secure system. So do I, for that matter. I use foreign bank accounts, and perform transactions outside the USD too, thereby by-passing the banks behind the curtain which feel they know better what to do with my money than I do. I can help you do the same.

Some Caribbean Banks Going Gringo?

We’ve grown accustomed To Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo acting as though they think possession is 90% of the law. Recently new clients have had a variety of excuses as to why they couldn’t send their money offshore without jumping through various hoops, at least. When a bank employee at your bank says they can’t figure out how to do a standard wire transfer, you’re definitely at the wrong bank. It’s disturbing to see a few down this way falling into line. I’m expecting depositors to vote with their online outgoing wire forms.

A large part of what we do at TDV Offshore, is to help our clients to affordably increase their personal privacy, and help them to obtain the right to due process of law, which they used to have in places like the former America, now fascist Amerika. Due to all of the above, which is just a summary of recent events, and very far from all-inclusive, that is a challenge, as you might imagine.

We continue searching for banks which can provide such basic protections, and have the backbone to do so, while not unjustly invading personal privacy. Recently, some banks which used to satisfy our criteria, have gone astray. Particularly one which is affiliated with a well-known American in St Vincent.

I’ve also been quite disappointed with another bank that has been recommended by some of my offshore colleagues.

I wrote the President of the bank to see if they might fit our criteria, and was very much disenchanted with his responses. When a bank states that they would like to inspect your tax filings, you know you’re no longer dealing with a bank, but rather an international tax agent, and worse, one who has no respect for due process of law. If they did, they would provide some evidence to support their reason for suspicion of tax evasion.

The US has millions of police and other “authorities” working full time to assure compliance with laws which at times contradict one another. If such a vast police state, and its functionaries cannot provide any evidence of evasion, than simple due process of law requires that we assume compliance/innocence. We’re currently in a real war to protect simple due process of law.

Similarly, when a bank suddenly changes intermediary banks, twice in four months, one should wonder what the cause for that is. Particularly when it coincides with a change in policy, wherein the bank staff suddenly seems to feel they have a right to tell you what you can, and cannot do with your own money. Just as Ron Paul has predicted. When a bank tells you that you cannot wire $700 of your own hard-earned money to a guy in California, it’s time to close the account. Immediately.

Account holders need to be aware of their rights at all times, and to rebel against such abuses. I’m currently working with yet another Caribbean bank to help them draw that delicate line between what is truly required to satisfy Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, and abusive invasion of personal privacy. For example, don’t let any bank clerk or manager tell you that they need to have a copy of your travel document as ID. That’s absurd, and potentially dangerous, as out of control bureaucrats seek to curb your freedom to travel. Provide a government-issued photo ID, or even two, but not your travel document.

The war is not at all lost, but you need to fight to protect your basic rights. Contact me at to find out how you can be in a better position to fend off the coming crisis, and be one of the lucky ones left standing after the dust settles. Right now half the battle, or more, is capital preservation. There will be plenty of bargains laying on the ground for picking in the not too distant future.

Paul Seymour worked for several years with Big 4 CPA firms in both the US and Saudi Arabia, and then spent many years as a multi-national corporate Controller and CFO in places like Florida, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, and Medellín. In his second, more free life, he has found a natural home in the offshore industry following almost 2 decades as a permanent expat from the former America. Actual Managing Partner of TDV Offshore.

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  1. A DHS-funded think tank has already listed people who have knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, and people who display certain political bumper stickers, as potential domestic terrorists ,,,,,,,,,,,,, so they have knowledge and swear an oath to the constitution so are they the domestic terrorists , is that what there saying ?

  2. “So, your an investment broker, huh? What do you recommend today? Ass wipe, barf bags, suicide memo note pads, what, what is it? What low life ****suckers these sleazy wordsmiths are.

  3. This guy is delusional. Which banks to trust, Ron Paul is our savior, supreme court decisions only negatively affect white people, and a solicitation for where you can safely store your capital so you can survive economic collapse. Wow. Just wow.


    read the BUCK ACT about how ALL cities and states(governors of the states did it) became international corporations and ceded ALL rights to the UNITED STATES Inc.

    Civil WAR
    Read about how the southern states walked out of congress and since they did not set a time and date to reconvene, the president did executive order #2. The united States for America made up of The Several States was killed OFFICIALLY by their own charter but the illusion was still required. (he was killed because of printing interest free money sure, BUT they never talk about how he was trying to re-institute the original compact [of for and by)

    Read about the 1933 bankruptcy and ALL of the “war powers acts” and Trading with the enemies act. Read about how you either acquiesce to the 13thversion2,14th, 15th,16th,17th amendments as a “citizen” or you ARE an enemy of the corporation.

    Its no secret. Palestine aint got sh!t on this open air prison SOOOO if you think for one second that you EVER(emphsis added) had a government or where free, your a god damned fool and a SLAVE(capital slave).

    I recommend executing ANY and ALL agents of the “state” and “federal Inc” when they ‘present’ themselves. Also anyone who claims you are a citizen or person.

    I can not believe my desire, ability and drive to be a free man and sovereign is “MY” free will. My creator(God) bestowed this ability innately. And I dont think my Creator intended me to be the only one or the crown would have been PRE-installed.

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