The Verkhovnaya Rada wants to have an election in Crimea

Cassad – by Olexandr Mikhelson

When Crimea will ask to be accepted back into Ukraine (like, actually, it was in 1954 – due to hunger), the Ukrainians won’t celebrate this. Instead, they will roll up their sleeves and will start to repair everything that was broken by Moscow.

Like, actually, it was in 1954.  

It turns out that the junta wants to conduct its own elections in Crimea. However, the probability of them actually happening on the territory of Crimea is equal to zero, but they may try to create precincts somewhere in Kherson or Genichesk for fugitive Tartar radicals and the “westerniaks” who left Crimea during the spring of 2014.

The Verkhovnaya Rada is preparing elections in Crimea

A group of experts was created in the Ukrainian parliament, which will work on preparing the appropriate bill.
A group of expert was created in the Ukrainian parliament which will work on preparing a bill for the elections in Crimea. Vladimir Groysman, the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, announced this according to TASS.

“Regarding the reform of election law the president of the Verkhovnaya Rada said that an expert group for the questions of drafting the bill “About the elections of the members of the Verkhovnaya Rada of Crimea, the local councils, and village, town, and city mayors,” which is supposed to work out this bill before the end of April,”— states the press-service of the Ukrainian parliament. (in Russian) — link

PS. And while the junta continues to dream sweet dreams about the return of Crimea, the local State Bank already started to work officially in the LPR (in Russian), which, along with a multi-currency system (which is effectively already launched) continues the course towards separating the economic ties of the people’s republics with the Ukraine.
Naturally, the longer the junta persists on the continuation of its current course, the fewer chances of somehow keeping Donbass it has, not even speaking about Crimea.

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