Visit to Waco compound

Today is the 29th anniversary of the satanic Clinton-Reno slaughter at Waco.

My wife & I visited the branch davidian compound in 2008. Here’s a vid I took.

In biden’s testimony on Waco, after the US military slaughtered 82 people including children & pregnant women, Biden testified to a senate hearing in 1994: “The record of the Waco incident documents mistakes. What the record from Waco does not evidence, however, is any improper motive or intent on the part of law enforcement. David Koresh and the Davidians set fire to themselveves and committed suicide.The government -DID NOT- DO THAT”.

BTW, in case anyone’s brainwashed into thinking the ‘branch davidian cultists’ were at fault, NOPE- the survivors were all tried with murder and a jury ACQUITTED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, & ruled it was self defense:

In 1994, just two days prior to the one year anniversary of the initial (Feb. 28, 1993) raid on the Branch Davidian property, a jury acquitted all Davidian survivor defendants of murder charges. The jury deliberated only four days to reach a decision after a six week trial. On 2/27/94, the Los Angeles Times reported “11 Waco Cultists Are Acquitted of Murder Charges : Trial: Outcome indicates jurors placed most blame on the government. Seven Branch Davidians are convicted on lesser charges. Anaheim mother agrees with defense”.

3 thoughts on “Visit to Waco compound

  1. And yet the bastards that perpetrated this entire slaughter
    Are still free
    And still pushing efio buttons , not daisies

    No quarter mtherfcers .. zero

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