10 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – August 12, 2022

  1. What a broadcast today!!


    “And if you’re gonna die, you kill as many of those motherfkrs on your way out as you can. And if you get loose, after, I don’t care if you done killed fifty of ’em, you keep killin’. You, fkn, you’re free, you’re free until your dead or it’s over and you got your godmn Bill of Rights back in fkn place as the Supreme, superior, absolute fkn Law it is and you have enforced it. Once you enforce it, that’s HAPPINESS. That’s where happiness lies. That’s where peace-of-mind lies. That’s where JUSTICE fkn lies, and our Common Law Courts will be put back into place, and we will try the ones that are left. And I cannot… Man, I would, I don’t know, I don’t see myself making it to that fkn point, but I see MY PEOPLE making it to that point.”
    — Henry Shivley, 8/12/22

    “…the one thing that the united States stands out above the world: We stepped out away from Monarchism, and we stepped out and we said, “WE OWN OURSELVES!! We boned-up to the world.”
    — Deon, 8/12/22


  2. Give Obama to the Syrians. I think the kids who watched their parents get raped, mutilated , and beheaded by the Obama Sponsored terrorist could think of unspeakably cruel things to do to him.

    1. What, are you giving Trump a pass on his four year terror campaign against the Syrians?
      Do you think they all don’t shit through the same hole?
      F-k it, I’ll say it, are you a Trumptard?

  3. Just because I don’t explicitly denounce someone doesn’t mean I have vindicated them. I brought it up because you mentioned how people want to implement their vices on these war mongers & as enraged as I am, my plight but holds a candle to those Syrians.

    1. As well as the war mongers whom dictated Vietnam, Iran, Palestine and on and on………….. thanks I get it.

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