The Word From the Trenches – December 13, 2021

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4 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – December 13, 2021

  1. I’m not able to listen to the word live, but I do listen to it archived. Thank you, Henry, I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy the the word!
    I’ve got a couple of things to chime in
    – vaers: many docs want no part of it b/c they don’t want adverse reports coming back to them to answer for and explain; liability
    – many pts are calling with ‘sick calls’ after 2nd shot or booster. I’d say half have implied their concern that their issues are from the shot.
    – most pts are reporting booster hesitancy; wanting to wait, concerned about their health since the 2nd jab
    – most pts are aware that they take a med to fix condition ‘A’, know that ‘A’ has side effects and will have to take med ‘B’ for said side fx, etc. many pts do not want to have to be on multiple meds that stem from 1 treatment of 1 condition. Yet, they do. Many look for alternatives, medical marijuana in my part of the world
    – I’ve fielded so many calls since September from pts about weird, crazy symptoms, and December has not disappointed, and has ramped it up! I’ve been concerned, but the past few weeks have my head spinning.
    – the incentive $$ paid by insurance companies for offices hitting certain “metrics” (quotas on our health) is so very true. We’re all just one notch on the bar graph to reach that 85% bonus! It may be for flu shot, colon cancer screen, mammogram, et al
    – I was at my daughters Christmas dance recital the other day, chatting with a mom. I had to button up, as she went on about Covid and kids’ shots, and well, let your imagination take you from there. I’m so nauseated by these social media whores, posting the pics of “brave little Timmy getting his shot” and how “nervous mommy was”….oh please, go eff yourself sally! Let me know when Timmy starts convulsing and his little sister can’t stop her bloody nose. (Which I no way want to see). But wait til March-may. They’ll see, sadly.
    Thank you for listening to my rant.
    Thank you for the trenches!

  2. I love peppermint, but Schnapps always to sugary
    A few drops of peppermint oil in vodka a few hours back seems was not one of my better experiments…
    Caused some wild dreams though
    It’s 1:25 am
    Ain’t hurting yet
    Gonna try to actually sleep now 😉 (btw, that’s not an actual wink, but closing one eye so to see 🙂 )

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