17 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – June 17, 2022

        1. Sounds like the trailer court flash mob here.
          Or the summer soldier.
          Two grenade monkeys of the TCFM crashed and burned last weekend. Two days drinking without sleep for them, and riding quads.
          All together injuries as follows:
          1 broken collarbone
          1 broken finger
          3 broken ribs
          2 cracked ribs
          2 heads that beat the sh*t out of the gravel road.
          Many minor cuts and bruises.
          2 quads in need of repair.
          It’s okay to get wild
          But ya gotta use your wits if ya got any.
          One is a sixty year old woman.
          My guess is they’ll forget about it as soon as they heal.
          A real flock of wizards.

          1. Hope they’re okay. Broken bones take a long time to heal. Embarrassment takes even longer.


          2. Here’s a quote from my mother
            (Addressed to them and not you, sis)
            “If brains were dynamite, you wouldn’t have enough to blow your nose”

      1. Well it’s two more days to bust your ass, ain’t it?
        That is, depending on what social class you happen to fall into.

        1. Got last Wednesday off because of rain.
          Still had to tell em piss up a wet rope.
          Slept and tried to relax half the day.
          Spent the rest of the day gardening into the night with a head lamp.
          Got up late today and getting ready to go unfu*k stuff at the main funny farm.
          Your time is much appreciated over there.

    1. Yours is about the freeways while ours is about dealing with the seaways. My favourite Guy Clark song is “Boats to Build”, which took me on a journey back to the Canadian shores and the powerful voice of a gentle giant with a guitar. His young life was taken in a fire on a commercial plane. He spoke out in song, about corporate exploitation of the hard working man on land and sea. He gave us a legacy of of a voice so strong, that when you hear it, you feel it. As I feel other powerful voices here at the Trenches, it comes down to the Law we inherited or adopted. I feel like that law was alive in Stan Rogers. He died on a commercial airliner. Fast forward several decades and I wonder what his songs would say about the air ways of today. For the musical part of the Trenches, this song about the fishing industry is an indictment on what I now know, as the international corporate mafia.

      “Boats to Build” by Guy Clark https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GOEoXEwUp1Q&list=OLAK5uy_mTWcr-p2XR6QBw0mgNZ86abHODL-ACmiQ&index=4

      “Tiny Fish for Japan”, by Stan Rogers https://youtu.be/baEbAzRmqtk

      1. Thanks, Diana. It really stings when the best voices are silenced. Good thing some are still alive and screamin’ things out.


  1. 70 degrees F in the shade, it’s a sunny, breezy day outside, working the land for my food. I listen every day to the best voices of the truth, I know. I love these people here at the Trenches.

  2. Welcome, galen. 🙂 From the Trenches, Guns and Roses have been screamin’ up a storm on repeat in my mind over the past few days as well. “In the Jungle, welcome to the jungle….”

  3. I have been thinking a lot lately, about how the American Bill of Rights applies to me as an individual living on the Canadian side of the border at the epi-center of the industrial revolution in one of the re-settlement zones for the NWO. Growing up directly across the river from Detroit, American influences were always a part of my world. Now that the 10 articles of the American Bill of Rights have become clear enough for me to appreciate and understand, there is no other ever written, that is as solid from start to finish. No other Bill of Rights will do. The only law that covers my freedom here in Canada is the one I have adopted from the branch of the family of my European ancestors who, whether related by blood or not, wrote the only law in 1791, that makes any sense to me, or to anyone else who values true freedom. Canada also has a Bill of Rights, but it is useless to me, due to its connection with the Queen’s privy counsel and the notwithstanding clause, whatever the hell that is!

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