2 thoughts on “The world needs to see what @Israel is doing to innocent Palestinian children. This is not famine but deliberate starvation!

  1. It made me sick today to read that Joe Biden (yeah, sure) is sending aid to Gaza. This, after he/they do the funding and send the weaponry, and who encouraged the slaughter all along and blocked the call for ceasefire. What epic hypocrisy!! That’s something like saying, “I killed your daughter, but I’m sending flowers.” Fk team Joe and all the Washington talking heads who take their marching orders from the jews. I hope the starving people get what they need, but oh how I hope it comes from those who fought against the genocide from the beginning.

    As for the child above… Evil found you, little one, but you, like all children are innocent and innately good. Whatever life and its good people can bring to help you, may it come forth now in spades. Perhaps one day we’ll hear that you made it. And may we soon defeat the evil that did this to you.


  2. Comment from a friend:

    That famous Voltaire quote: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

    This starving child proves what Voltaire said is true: the absurd demonization of innocents precedes the atrocity against them.


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