1. If they can do it in Aussie land….

    As I said in two previous comments on posts here, the Perna “vaccinations in 24 hours” dude (I called him “Perna-nently stupid”) would need a few hundred thousand soldiers to deliver the shots to all (roughly) 350 millions Americans in 24 hours.

    Or they are gonna institute “martial law”? Aussie land, here, wherever….someone has to be the first to do this “trial” or “exercise.”

  2. What’s up with the 2 MAGA hats on the table? Is the whole of the world disillusion over Trump? Perhaps they are zionist Christians. I don’t know!!

    1. Yeah, I know.
      Bugs me bringing up extreme right wing/left wing groups as well.
      Only reason I sent it is simply because of the re-recruitment going on there. Just a heads up.


    I see it as one more indication of how desperate they are. They know the people of the world are strengthening in their resolve to fight and slay tyranny. Desperation!! Enlisting 50 yr olds. What’s the pay? Dangling carrot to serve corruption.

    And this guy (politician), selling sovereignty through the state. Sitting right there next to those perfectly placed MAGA hats which are easily accommodated by the camera. Is this not underhandedly representing Trump as solution?

    So many angles comin’ at us at once. It’s like being at the shooting booth at the carnival. Every time they pop one up, we shoot it down. Freedom has no compromise.


  4. Began to comment before I watched the video (I do that sometimes) precisely because I saw the MAGA hats and thought it featured Americans, not Aussies…glad I watched the video before I posted my comment! Then again, I’ve seen “populist” type videos by Americans with pix of Putin in them….

      1. Ha!! Well, he seems to always be pointing to the hat. I took it as validating Trump. And at 1:50 he makes the OK sign in front of the hat, which used to be an innocent symbol but now many say is the 666. Maybe I made too much of it. Got triggered by the hat, the TWO hats, shown towards the end and given places of prominence. Hatgate. 🙂


        1. LOL!
          Your point is well taken, and most likely the case. I didn’t see the okay sign, and you’re not going over, sis.
          Alpha Waves.
          I wasn’t gonna send it in because the hats, and the left/right coining but overcame it.

          1. And he does says a few good things. Mishmash, that’s what we have to deal with: everyday, more MISHMASH, as we sort through to find a pearl or two.



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