They’re lying about Keystone XL

Keystone XL proponents are telling all sorts of lies in order to push this dirty pipeline and we need your help to push back.  They say Keystone would help us achieve so-called “energy independence”…but they’re wrong.

10 days to tell the State Department: #NoKXL

Can you send a message TODAY to the State Department to tell them we don’t want this dirty pipeline?  

Look, we all know we have more oil than we can afford to burn in the first place.  But Big Oil will do whatever they can to get this pipeline built, including lying about where this dirty oil would be going if the pipe is built.

They say it’ll help us achieve energy independence, but what we really know is that oil would be headed straight out of this country.

A few weeks back we had a look at the refineries that would receive the oil flowing through the Keystone XL pipeline.  You know what we found?  A full 60% of the oil produced in these refineries is exported abroad.1

The State Department is accepting public comments on their analysis of Keystone XL for only 10 more days.  We’ve analyzed it, and all we can say is it’s fundamentally flawed.
Can you help us let them know?

We’re joining our NoKXL allies all across the progressive spectrum to generate ONE MILLION comments saying no to the pipeline, and as a movement we’re already over half-way there.  But we need your help to get over the top; send in your comment today!


David Turnbull
Campaigns Director
Oil Change International

1See more here:

3 thoughts on “They’re lying about Keystone XL

  1. It amazes me as to how many sheeple truly believe that all of the oil from this pipeline is going to Stay in our country and lower our gas prices.

    1. What amazes me is that the sheeple still believe ANYTHING told to them by either the so-called ‘government’, OR any corporation, Angel.

      Apparently, there is no cure for stupid.

      I take that back. Termination ought to do it.

      Drastic ‘cure’, though.

      Kind of permanent, too.

  2. The lie about keystone/energy independence is almost as good as the one
    they told us about the iraqi oil paying back the american taxpayer for THAT war!?)*&&^%%$. the only ones getting the iraqi oil are the chinese, thanks to
    baba-bush jr. f#@king thieves/all of them. get some hemp rope and lets turn them all into pinjata’s swinging in the breeze down pennsylvania ave.

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