Think tank says media ‘attempting to undermine legitimate concerns about voter fraud’

Washington Examiner – by Andrew Mark Miller

A conservative think tank says media outlets attempted to undermine their reporting on documented voter fraud and were unable to find any errors.

“It’s now more clear than ever why we saw a flurry of media attacks on @Heritage’s thoroughly sourced Election Fraud Database in the closing days of the #Election2020,” Daily Signal Executive Editor Rob Bluey tweeted. “This was a well-coordinated attack attempting to undermine legitimate concerns about voter fraud in America.”

The Heritage Foundation, the conservative think tank that publishes the Daily Signal, has compiled a database documenting over 1,000 cases of confirmed voter fraud that have resulted in over 1,000 criminal convictions.

Bluey said that reporters from prominent news outlets have attempted to discredit the database in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

“14 investigative journalists from three outlets — @USATODAY, Columbia Journalism Investigations & @frontlinepbs — tried to cast doubt on our work,” he said in a Twitter thread Thursday as votes continue to be counted in key swing states to determine the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. “They failed to find a single error in our database. And yet, they continued to downplay the consequences of voter fraud.”

Bluey said the reporters had “made their minds up” before inquiring about the voter fraud and added that “in all my years of journalism,” it was “among the most dishonest acts of media malpractice” he had “ever witnessed.”

“Over the course of 2020, media outlets have repeatedly attempted to downplay or ignore concerns about election fraud,” Bluey told the Washington Examiner. “Their actions were irresponsible and, in some cases, outright disinformation.”

Bluey added that the investigative reporters who looked into the database “mischaracterized proven instances of election fraud, made false allegations, and still couldn’t find a single factual error.”

Bluey continued: “Every instance of election fraud amounts to canceling out another person’s vote. Journalists should spend their time and resources investigating election fraud rather than attacking those who have truthfully exposed that it’s a problem. We invite them to join us as we continue to protect the integrity of our elections.”

The Trump campaign has taken legal action in multiple states and requested a recount in Wisconsin, alleging widespread voter fraud and inconsistencies that some in the media have dismissed as unfounded.

In the months leading up to the election, Republicans expressed concerns about the integrity of the mail-in voting process while many Democrats insisted that voter fraud is a “myth.”

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  1. The commie take over happening in live time , is does not matter who u vote for but when u steal it it’s something else in your face

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