Third major oil spill in a week: Shell pipeline breaks in Texas

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Thousands of gallons of oil have spilled from a pipeline in Texas, the third accident of its kind in only a week.

Shell Pipeline, a unit of Royal Dutch Shell Plc, shut down their West Columbia, Texas, pipeline last Friday after electronic calculations conducted by the US National Response Center showed that upwards of 700 barrels had been lost, amounting to almost 30,000 gallons of crude oil.  

By Monday, Shell spokespeople said inspectors found “no evidence” of an oil leak, but days later it was revealed that a breach did occur. Representatives with the US Coast Guard confirmed to Dow Jones on Thursday that roughly 50 barrels of oil spilled from a pipe near Houston, Texas and entered a waterway that connects to the Gulf of Mexico.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Steven Lehman said that Shell had dispatched clean-up crews that were working hard to correct any damage to Vince Bayou, a small waterway that runs for less than 20 miles from the Houston area into a shipping channel that opens into the Gulf.

The spill was contained, said Lehman, who was hesitant to offer an official number on how much crude was lost in the accident. According to Shell spokeswoman Kim Windon, though, the damage could have been quite significant. After being presented with the estimate that said as much as 700 barrels were found to have leaked from the pipeline due to an unknown cause, investigators determined that 60 barrels entered the bayou.

“That’s a very early estimate–things can change,” Officer Lehman told Dow Jones.

Meanwhile, though, rescue works in Arkansas have been getting their hands dirty responding to an emergency there. A rupture in ExxonMobil’s Pegasus pipeline late last week send thousands of barrels of oil into the small town of Mayflower, around 25 miles outside of Little Rock. Authorities evacuated more than 20 homes in response, and by this Thursday roughly 19,000 barrels had been recovered.

Another incident in Canada this week caused an estimated 400 barrels — or roughly 16,800 gallons — of oil to be compromised in northern Ontario when a train derailed. Originally, Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd said only four barrels were lost in the accident.

5 thoughts on “Third major oil spill in a week: Shell pipeline breaks in Texas

  1. These events are not accidents. Lets all be clear about that. They have no love of earth or it’s inhabitants.
    Now we know where all the wealth went they wish to distract from everyone knowning this. This is very important that this is shared and discussed.
    This is 5 hour show which hosted Stew Webb Stew Webb outs Cointelpro Agents: Alex Jones, Ted Gunderson, Drake, Benjamin Fulford.
    It was good to listen to a higher level of patriotism.
    Live and learn.

    1. sounds like Illuminati is executing the tactics outlined in Atlas Shrugged to take down America, little by little

  2. Quite the coincidence…. Buffet rail systems might crash and spill, but Koch pipelines easily rupture. Which shall we choose, above or below. Those who control energy, control the nation – but sometimes they like to fight amongst themselves for position. Distract me with N Korea please. Kim Chong, be careful, they who control money would love another war. It is great feather in the GDP hat, will bolster the reserve currency, not to mention it will spread freedom and democracy all over Korean infrastructure.

  3. Wouldn`t it be a great distraction for a group of terrorist to target the pipe lines and the railroad for us to look at when they would be planing something way bigger somewhere else…………. Just a week or two – in Knapp, Wi. – they had a train derailment that was carrying train cars full of frack sand that was going to some oil well. These oil companies are just ruining the enviroment and that is pretty much all they are doing.

  4. Starting to look like a pattern developing here with regards to locations and types of infrastructures getting damaged, with the results being not just clean up work, but the implementation of no fly zones, WTF no fly zones at the behest of an oil company, come on, more like a government order while they evaluate the work done and fine tune it for deployment against the population. Be wary of the explanations coming from the company and government talking heads.

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