THIRD Planned Parenthood Undercover Video Released

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For 6 months, Holly O’Donnell’s job was to identify pregnant women at Planned Parenthood who met criteria for fetal tissue orders and to harvest the fetal body parts after their abortions.

As if the first two videos involving fetal organ harvesting and haggling over price weren’t vile enough, yet another video has gone public from the Center For Medical Progress. This one looks to be the first of a new angle on the series, entitled “Human Capital. Episode 1: Planned Parenthood’s Black Market In Baby Parts“, and it takes on more of a documentary type of feel.  

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 5.09.18 AMThis episode feature the story of Holly O’Donnell, a phlebotomist-turned-whistleblower who was looking for work drawing blood, “I thought I was going to be just drawing blood, not procuring tissue from aborted fetuses“, as she applied for a job with a company called Stem Express. O’Donnell says that Stem Express didn’t even tell her what job would entail during her interview. She later learned that they hire procurement techs to “draw blood and dissect dead fetuses, and sell the parts to researchers. They partner with Planned Parenthood and they get part of the money.”

Cate Dyer, founder of Stem Express

We were asked to procure certain tissues, like brain, liver, sinus, pancreas, heart, lungs, and pretty much anything on the fetus. It’s basically a huge trafficking of fetal tissues” she reveals. “They weren’t looking for a compassionate individual, at all. They were just looking for someone who could get as much money, as many samples. I think that’s why they were interested in me, as a phlebotomist, cause I can draw quick… They wanted someone who could get the numbers up.

O’Donnell says that the owner of Stem Express, Cate Dyer, used to be a procurement tech, but started her own company. “Now she’s making, a lot of money, based off the poor girl who half the time don’t want to get abortions. It’s a pretty sick company.”

“Whatever we could procure, they’d get a certain percentage. The main nurse was always trying to make sure we got our specimens. She knew that Planned Parenthood was getting compensated, so she wanted to make sure that everything was going great for us” O’Donnell explains. “The harder and more valueable the tissue, the more money you get. So if you can somehow procure a brain or a heart, then you’re going to get more money… I guess that’s the incentive to get the hard stuff.”

O’Donnell goes on to explain her first day on the job, where her trainer and other people were digging into tissue, separating vaginal tissue. Using tweezers, the trainer explained “This is the head, this the arm…” and shortly after, O’Donnell blacked out when she began to dig through the parts. “I woke up in the recover room, and the nurse looked to me and said ‘You’re new, huh. Don’t worry, it still happens to a bunch of us. Some of us don’t ever get over it.”

Hidden video goes on to show what happens in the dissecting area, as they pick through the parts. A Dr. Savita Ginde comes in to discuss prices with a buyer “I think the per item thing works a little better, just because you can see how much you can get out of it.”

No word yet if the “less crunchy technique” was used during the abortion process of this particular specimen featured in the video.

3 thoughts on “THIRD Planned Parenthood Undercover Video Released

  1. The kikes are ghouls, and they’ve been selling body parts long before this scandal was unearthed.

    They were caught harvesting eye-balls for re-sale right after the Haitian earthquake, and they run the “organ donor” programs that regularly kill people in hospitals for their organs when their lives could have been saved.

    They invented the “brain-dead” diagnosis just to allow them to harvest organs from live victims, and they’ve been pushing abortion in this country for decades, for several reasons.

    Now we have them in a third video peddling dead baby parts, in the psychotic tradition of Judaism, and a hundred Jewish politicians and media moguls will say it’s all just a “crazy conspiracy theory”.

    1. And the sickest part of it all, is that millions of Americans will run to the Jew-TV for information, and believe whatever they’re told.

      Americans are BEGGING to be robbed, abused, and lied to, because they insist on remaining stupid and gullible, and it’s not just the Jews, either. We also have wetbacks and chinks stealing our country, because the whole world knows we’re a nation of brainwashed morons who know nothing but too much food, and endless, cheap entertainment.

      Americans were set up to be victims by the endless encouragement of complacency, and now the whole world wants to cash in on our stupidity.

  2. Now the so-called ‘government’ is calling for the whistleblowers to be investigated.

    Not TOO obvious, are they.

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