THIRTEEN Canadian Doctors Have Died Suddenly, Says Dr. William Makis

Substack – by Exposing the Darkness

Dr. William Makis MD has tracked THIRTEEN Canadian doctors that have suddenly died: 

UPDATE on Canadian doctors “dying suddenly”

I’ve now tracked 13 Canadian doctors “sudden deaths” (thank you to everyone who contributed info). This is the most complete data set I’ve seen anywhere by far.

Three doctors died while exercising (two swimming, one running), two of them were very high level athletes. Three doctors died “in their sleep” unexpectedly.

Two doctors also had aggressive cancer that had arisen within the past year.

All of them were at least triple vaccinated due to illegal vaccine mandates.

Remember: these are YOUNG healthy individuals who are always first in line to get jabbed. Vast majority of doctors will get their 4th and 5th jabs this summer and fall.

Sadly, I expect many more deaths to come.

“ All by design… This is just a beginning of a perfect storm.”

See pics here: Substack

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