This is what New Yorkers hate most about the city

New York Post – by Sara Dorn

Fifth Avenue is a beggar’s bazaar.

Staten Island has second-class city services.

Ozone Park stinks.

The city’s noisiest mosque is in Cypress Hills.  

And Williamsburg is crawling with tiny, and illegal, turtles.

The Post rummaged through the last eight years of complaints to the city’s 311 hotline — 19,038,027 gripes — and found they painted an intimate portrait of the city’s neighborhoods.

The city launched the hotline in 2003 to field grievances about everything from harboring bees to blaring TVs. Every day, 1,755 categories and subcategories of complaints in the online 311 database are automatically updated by the city’s Department of Information Technology.

A Post analysis of the 311 data by ZIP code not only revealed what New Yorkers love to hate, but where they hate it most:

Read them here:

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