9 thoughts on “This still freaks us out especially the sign falling

  1. There are thousands of cameras watching any presidential candidate. Every escalator looks the same, and every candidate makes the identical wave to the crowds. it would be odd if one camera somewhere DIDN’T capture the same angle that was shown in the Simpsons.

    The sign falling? People drop stuff all the time, and it’s not as if that could have been planned.

    All this means is that someone spent a lot of time scanning footage of Trump to find something that resembled what happened in the Simpsons episode.

    1. If the control system that’s in place is as extensive as I believe it to be, how can anything be relegated to the realm of coincidence?
      I know we both agree that there is in fact a control system.
      I just happen to think that the control system is far more extensive than most folks realize.
      This is exactly the kind of thing the mindwarping spooks do. Hell, it’s what they get paid to do. They get paid to lie and f–k with people’s heads.
      I’m just glad I stopped watching television back in 2005. So I don’t have the brainwashing anymore.
      Camera angle? Not a coincidence.
      Sign dropping? Not a coincidence.
      Trump going down the escalator with same exact hand gestures? Not a coincidence.
      One more thing. How do you know that’s really Trump going down the escalator? What if it’s just CGI?
      What’s real and what’s fake?
      Who’s to say?
      If they can CGI Hitlery then they can CGI Trump.

    2. Even if they intentionally copied it just to make that Simpson’s episode appear prophetic, what’s the f%&king difference? It’s still them literally throwing this sh#t right in our faces.

      1. lol. They just faked an entire election and convinced millions to be accessories to treason and fraud. This little bit of video is nothing. Tiptoe through the tulips.

  2. Okay… I have another angle for the coincidence theory.

    consider this: If you were an animator (or cartoonist), and had to draw a politician riding down an escalator and waving to crowds, how could you make it much different than this?

    And.. if you were a photographer filming this event, what other angle would you shoot from?

    I think it’s likely that an artist and a photographer would choose this same view to capture this moment, and if you consider any other angle (from above, or the bottom of the escalator, for example), they wouldn’t look as good.

    (I’m not arguing this with anyone – just stating my opinion on the matter)

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