5 thoughts on “This Was A Huge Mistake! They Just Jeopardized The Lives Of Thousands Of People!

  1. Only part way through the vid., but already this is terrifying info..

    Makes me definitely NOT want to get on an airplane.

    Get body searched just to end up dead.

  2. ” Activist Bureaucrats “.

    A phrase that should never exist, and a group hell-bent on destroying our nation.

  3. This is a blatant attempt to KILL Americans and cause airplane disasters. Whoever is implementing this into policy and law should be s*** on sight.

    No way, should ANYONE be ever listening to them. And what about sports? Shouldn’t they be concerned about so many of them playing?? Where is the PC for whites??

    This is about destroying the American white male in case you didn’t notice.

  4. Tucker had the story a few days ago…..but it was implemented a few years ago…..Today it was on Boston talk radio. Racial jokes galore can be made out of this but so wrong just wrong. Don’t be surprised if Michelle Obama runs in 2020. Nothing has changed since 911….nothing. Airport security is still 90% thick accented foreigners making a few bucks an hour above minimum wage…Do you think they really care? And hospital orderlies from different countries conversing in broken Englush too. MISTAKES ABOUND.

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