Thousands of doctors fired by United HealthCare

WTNH 8 News – by Jocelyn Maminta

Termination letters went to physicians caring for Medicare patients.

Those letters were sent out to doctors caring for ‘Medicare Advantage’ patients.

It’s a plan, marketed to Seniors to provide additional services through UnitedHealthCare.  

A mix of primary care and specialty doctors are affected by it. And it comes at a questionable time.

Open enrollment for Medicare starts next Tuesday, and it’s still not clear at this time as to which doctors are still in the United network.

The Connecticut State Medical Society is fighting back. The biggest concern is patient access to healthcare.

“What the government is looking for is to manage better care by adding a patient centered medical home so that you have a doctor who is totally invested with taking care of every aspect of the patient and coordinating it. This is clearly not a patient centered decision,” said Dr. Michael Saffir, President of CT State Medical Society.

Dr. Saffir says the State Medical Society is in contact with UnitedHealthcare. They are also asking doctors to call United to find out why they were terminated without cause as notified in the letter.

He recommends that Seniors affected by this should call the office of the HealthCare Advocate of Connecticut.

United Healthcare’s spokesperson is sending News 8 a statement  which has not yet been received.

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    Folks, the tide is turning. Obama is a deteriorating mad-man. Things are about to get real interesting, real fast. Grab your bowl of popcorn, the show is beginning.

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