6 thoughts on “Tom Steyer- Anti-Semitism and Discrimination

  1. Couldn’t help repeating his closing statement:

    “The actual triumph of America has been accepting more and more people as full human beings with protected rights against discrimination, and that progress is something we should be incredibly proud of and that we should want to continue at every step.”

    As tent cities expand, homelessness and joblessness on the rise. People who can’t afford healthcare. Hungry people, abandoned people. Yeah, keep bringin’ in more people to our suffering land; that’s true America.




  2. What a crop of crap out of his mouth . How someone ask the question why do people dislike jews or why have jews been kick out of over a hundred countries.

  3. I am seeing his political ads here in ILL on the idiot box. He is a smarmy, smug communist. I cannot stand this moron.

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