Top 10 Self Defense Misconceptions

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There are many self defense misconceptions. Some stuff that’s been taught for years is never questioned, and we have decided to break that. There are many things that are false, and that can cost you your life in a street fight. You need to question everything, to see if it can apply in a street fight.

It’s always important to train realistically when it comes to self-defense. In your current martial art, of personal protection system is not based in a reality based self defense system, then you probably might want to rethink how useful this training really is.

Your attacker in a street fight is most likely not an MMA fighter or a trained fighter. Many of them are unorthodox fighters with no striking patterns. You have no idea what to expect from anyone since you cannot know anyone’s mindset or their background.

Furthermore, everything is a factor in a street fight, you can’t pre-plan a strategy in a street fight. You need to be prepared to defend yourself no matter what, but to do that we need to break the self defense misconceptions and myths that will get you killed.

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One thought on “Top 10 Self Defense Misconceptions

  1. I thought that was a good video, because the guy had a realistic approach to real crime / street fight scenarios, and he also addressed factors that are usually ignored in self-defense training. (legal repercussions of being armed, diplomacy, or what he calls “verbal”)

    What he missed was avoidance. If you have your eyes open, you can usually spot the criminal element from a distance.

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