Top Generals Reveal Obama’s Secret High Level Military Purge

obama-us-army-purgeStory Leak -by Anthony Gucciardi 

In Obama’s America, the military must forsake their constitutional oath in favor of blind allegiance to their new commander. And whether it’s top nuke commanders being removed for failing to play ball with the global elite, or just silencing potential whistleblowers, top military generals are now speaking out about the ‘mass purge’ within the United States military.

One such general, a recipient of the Medal of Honor, has now gone on record in speaking with news organization WND about the mass culling of high level military officers on behalf of the Obama administration. Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady says that the attack on high level military personnel is so great that it has now obliterated the morale of troops at large, but is more importantly centered in terminating any high level individual that will not go along with the plan.  

“There is no doubt he (Obama) is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him,” the retired general told WND.

General Brady’s admission comes just after two of the top nuclear commanders in the United States were terminated and suspended amid the high level military intelligence we released surrounding the secret transfer of nuclear weapons from a Texas Airforce base to South Carolina. And while the terminations were originally reported on by the Associated Press, who has been covering the issue in depth and even hinting towards our coverage of the missing nuke within their reports, it was revealed by the agency that the terminations and suspensions were actually found out through leaked emails.

In other words, the mass purge of military officials was never truly intended to meet the public eye. But even in the face of government secrecy surrounding the issue, numerous news organizations and media figures have now come out and highlighted the purge of top nuke commanders and others. From Michael Savage launching an investigation into the missing nuke issue and calling for answers, to WND questioning officials over the military intelligence.

Overall, the new media has forced this issue into the spotlight, reaching millions with the powerful information that has been confirmed time and time again by scenarios like Senator Lindsey Graham’s same day speech regarding a nuclear strike on the exact destination of the nuclear warheads. Meanwhile, the establishment has been busy in attempting to eliminate high level military officers who will not blindly follow commander Obama on his every unconstitutional demand.

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3 thoughts on “Top Generals Reveal Obama’s Secret High Level Military Purge

  1. What’s really going on is that the Israel dominated Pentagon is scared that our troops are seeing the light and realizing that they aren’t fighting for freedom and liberty, but for Wall Street and Israel.

    The Jews in the Pentagon are getting nervous that the troops might actually rebel and say “Hell No, We Won’t Go” off to fight another of Israel’s enemies for Wall Street profiteers.

    We saw a bit of this when OBUNGhole was getting ready to bomb Syria for his Yid masters and videos of troops saying they were against another ME war started popping up.

    That’s what the real fear is, and it’s being hidden behind some nonsense about Obama firing a lot of generals, when he’s actually fired LESS THAN 1%.

    But that type of real news won’t see the light of day on FAUX or ZNN.

    964 Generals and Flag Officers in 2011.

    Even though troop levels are being cut and weapons procurement is being put on hold or stopped, the number of General and Flag Officers continues to grow.

    The Pentagon has more four star generals and general flag officers on its payroll than it did during WWII, when the number of military personnel serving was 10 times higher.

  2. how is it the the Pentagon is dominated by Israel ?
    I do suppose you to be correct.
    Can you give a bit of info on that Greg?
    I am guessing you mean through the civilians who work there!

  3. “it was revealed by the agency that the terminations and suspensions were actually found out through leaked emails.

    In other words, the mass purge of military officials was never truly intended to meet the public eye.”

    Bullshit! It was an intentional leak. The Zionists don’t let leaks out unless they intend for it to be done.

    Either Obama and his Communist cronies have turned their back on the Zionists or the Zionists are playing controlled opposition here. Also, Mike Savage and Lindsey Graham are both Zionists, so when they are speaking out against Obama’s little purge, you know their orders were brought down from their Zionists leaders.

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