The United States of America was insidiously set
up by Satan and his multitude of minions (also
known as the Khazarian Cabal), since the Federal
Reserve Act of 1913, as their main laboratory for transhumanism experimentation. Along with the intensifying implementation of their transgender
psyop nationwide, the Khazarian’s utterly satanic
goal is the complete transformation of American
society into the world’s first transphilic inferno.

Submitted by The Social Commentator
SOTN Exclusive

Really, how does a fundamentally Christian nation get so quickly transformed into a transgendered society unless there was a highly organized and extremely furtive plan to do so?!

That folks everywhere are oblivious to the extraordinarily complex and convoluted conspiratorial plot to deceitfully transgender our vulnerable children across the USA strains credulity—DOESN’T IT?!

The identification of the true plotters, however, is quite simple, YES?!

With the establishment of the Federal Reserve System, the Khazarian Cabal gave themselves unlimited funding and financing to carry out any crime spree they so desired.  All they had to do was come up with any nefarious plan and the FED would allocate US taxpayers dollars to pay for it.

The Khazarian’s main mission was always to thoroughly destroy Christianity so that the American Republic would no longer exist as a primarily Christian nation and, therefore, would sink into moral turpitude.  And so it has.

Of all of their many crime waves committed against the American people, the implementation of the Cultural Marxism agenda became the single most important toward destroying America from within for the Khazarian Cabal.  The central pillar of Cultural Marxism during this advanced phase of the century-long criminal conspiracy is, of course, the rapidly intensifying Transgender Pysop.

KEY POINT: The Khazarians were very stealthy in the manner by which they implemented that devastating cultural marxist agenda over several decades in all 50 states.  Then, with the unconstitutional installation of their primo Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama in the White House in 2009, their odious scheme came out of the closet.  They commenced with all deliberate speed with the execution of “OPERATION TRANSFORMATION” whereby America was literally transformed into an Obamanation.  Remember, Obama was created in a CIA petri dish in Chicago—the international headquarters of the Khazarian Cabal.  Together with his totally degenerate vice president — Joe Biden — they greatly accelerated the irreparable tearing of the fabric of American society.

Once gay marriage was perfidiously approved by the SCOTUS in 2015 on Obama’s watch, it was all downhill from there.  The Transgender Psyop was then swiftly rolled out — FULL-BORE — while the US citizenry found themselves shellshocked, from one week to the next, in the wake of such a demonic juggernaut rolling across the land virtually unimpeded.

This mind-boggling Transgender Psyop was able to unfold so quickly because the Khazarian Cabal had all of the essential pieces of the puzzle in place.  Their systematic theft of trillions from the US Treasury made it easy to buy, bribe and/or blackmail every individual who occupied any key position of power or influence within the U.S. Federal Government and throughout Corporate America.    Otherwise, how could it ever have gotten this far this fast?  Which is why folks everywhere need to unify to arrest and prosecute the real conspirators in their midst, lest they be irreversibly taken over by this treacherous transhumanist tyranny.

Of course, simultaneously going on in the background was the extremely rapid execution of the Transhumanist Agenda.  The ultimate goal of that exceedingly warped global enterprise is the practical attainment of human immortality—an objective that only Satan himself would ever aspire to.  After all, when all you’ve ever done is hatch plans for one genocide after another over millennia, it’s quite understandable why such an evil entity would not want to meet its maker by somehow becoming physically immortal.

Exactly what genocides carried out by the Khazarian Cabal?

An Abridged List of Fastidiously Planned Genocides
Carried Out by the Khazarian Cabal

SOTN Editor’s Note: Sometimes the title of an exposé perfectly captures the essence of the entire conspiratorial plot.


The Social Commentator
State of the Nation
April 14, 2023

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