Transcription of Henry explaining how he has dealt with tickets.

Regarding a ticket, you’ll go in and they’ll ask, “How do you plead?”

This is how it starts.

“Your honor, the 6th article to the Bill of Rights for the People of the little u, united, big S, States of these Americas, says that I have the right to understand the nature and the cause of why I’m here. There’s something I don’t understand your honor.”

And he is bound, he has to answer you.  

Judge says, “Well what don’t you understand?”

Person says, “Well is this a civil or is this a criminal matter?”

And right away, usually, judge says, “Well this is a civil matter.”

Person responds, “Well then can I see a copy of the procedure?” because the federal rules of civil procedure say that in every civil matter, I will be served with a letter of demand. Then the procedure demands that a law suit will be filed that I get to answer before we ever see a judge.

Then the judge will say, “Oh, then it’s a criminal matter.”

Person says, “May I see a copy of the indictment?”

Person says, “I need a true bill before I answer to any charge.”

“I have a right to preliminary process.”

Judge, “Well this is an administrative jurisdiction.”

Person says, “Well your honor, can you tell me where I can acquire a copy of the administrative rules of procedure so I can effectively defend myself?”

Don’t exist, and that’s usually when they say, get the hell out of my court.

If they try the contracting thing on me with that license, I would have that 9th & 10th article ready, have it memorized so that if they say you contracted into this, you agreed, then ask them where they got the authority for this contract? Then respond by saying, is it outside the constitution, because the 9th Article says, no contract can be created that relieves me of these rights to procedural due process.

36 thoughts on “Transcription of Henry explaining how he has dealt with tickets.

    1. You’re welcome Paul. I figured many of us would like to have this info. copied so we can look further into the info. as well as use it if we need to.

        1. I just got one yesterday, speeding in Wyoming. I go thru this shit every 2 or three years. Part of the job. It’s a little different commercial, I just pay the damn thing and move on. $472.00 big ones.

          Going down a 6% grade, semi speed limit was 65 MPH I was doin around 82. On the flats in Wyoming, speed limit is 80, grades are a semi speed trap.

          I would loose thousands fighting the fkg thing.

  1. Good job, Katie… beats having to listen to the broadcast again to write it all down. 🙂

    Thankfully, I haven’t gotten any tickets for over 20 years, but you never know…

  2. Thanks #1. I wanted the info., so did it for myself first, then put it out for others who want it. See how good it is to be “selfish,” others actually benefit from it. 🙂

    Look after your own interests and by golly society actually benefits.

  3. Wish I woulda had this in 1993 when I went to jail (while nursing my 8-month old daughter) for a “seat belt” ticket and “failure to appear” nonsense.

  4. Oh Katie, what a service you have done. I made myself listen to this twice yesterday, and still I was concerned and anxious, thinking, “I won’t remember all this.” And, “How can I be that confident if I don’t have this down?” Now, because of you I can read it as many times as necessary. Bless you!!


  5. Katie, you give people false hope. Arguing with a judge can get you contempt of count. How do you plead…guilty or not guilty. If you don’t answer the question they will ask again. If you don’t answer a plea of not guilty will be entered for you, then the gavel will come down, next case. If you persist, well, like I said, your case could go from bad to worse.

    1. ????????? false hope??????? It is upon us ALL to demand due process. Eff the judge and his ‘contempt’ crap. Stop living in fear.

      1. I’ve been in contempt of court
        it was fun
        because i was right
        and when they found they couldn’t hurt me ..i reminded them of how right i was

        they became worried that i would sue .. I had a blast watching my lawyers face turn white

        good times

    2. I’m sorry but I agree with frphx this one. These assholes in court will find anything to get you even when you try to reason with them. You can’t reason with a lunatic. They’ll make up excuses and say you are talking back to them/contempt of court and so on.

    THEN AGAIN………………….
    I’M ALWAYS ARMED……………………

  7. I was in Traffic court in NYC in late 1980’s.. Caught doing 79 in a 35. So I had to appear. Waiting my turn, I watched one after another plead “Not Guilty”, and argue their case, to no avail. I could see the Judge getting more and more pissed off as each person took their turn lying their asses off. Then my turn came. They never asked me for a plea. Just started my case. The officer who gave me the ticket began testifying. I spoke up and interrupted. Judge asks me why I am interrupting. I say “Your honor, I would like to plead guilty”. He asks why I didn’t just do that on the ticket and mail it in. Cop tells Judge my twice the speed limit infraction requires an appearance in court. So Judge asks me “You want to plead guilty”? I say “Yes I do your Honor”. Judge says “Wow, some one who finally admits their guilt. $100. fine. Next case”. That’s it. $100.00 bucks, NO POINTS and NO LOSS of license. The usual fine for what I did was $250.00 and 6 points on your license. But Judge was so happy to have some one finally admit they were guilty, He went easy on me. True Story!

    1. I worked for messenger service (XXX Pony Express) at the time, and was late for a delivery because of traffic. I was just trying to make up time. That’s why I was speeding.

    2. “He went easy on me.”

      If you say so.

      He STILL accomplished his MAIN FUNCTION, which is mammon extraction.

      With ZERO AUTHORITY granted him to do so, either by the Constitution (null & void, useless document), OR by the Bill of Rights (which merely AFFIRMS our unalienable rights).

      1. I paid my $100 bucks and went on with my life. Wasn’t about to start arguing the ridiculous crap I keep hearing about, that absolutely NO ONE wins trying to use. End of story.

        1. It’s always funny to me when “Someone says, “end of story,” especially when it’s not the end for me. Anyhow, just wanted to add that I think when you call these attempts of getting truly empowered “ridiculous crap” you are responding to the norm and not the exception. I’m sure it’s true that with tickets, almost no one “wins” but that’s because we’ve been trained to be subservient. Henry’s template is about undoing usual responses and remembering our rights. What if more and more people just decide to stop taking it lying down, to go in prepared and ready to fight for themselves? What if, after educating themselves by really studying the law, they were able to challenge the injustice. Sure it may take some time to undo this ignorance, this blind acceptance attitude of “You’ll never win,” but isn’t it better to at least try to change this than to just go on and do nothing about it? I know it’s a behemoth we face, but don’t we have to start somewhere?


  8. My wife is piling up a stack of red-light-running tickets. All at the same intersection. I advised her to try a different route. She keeps getting tickets in the mail, with MY name on them also, on accounta my name on the registration. I don’t drive her car. I can’t ethically be charged but surely there is some statute determining my guilt by association.
    How does one battle this scenario?

    1. Get a sharp pair of scissors, a can of lighter fluid, a good striking match and a pint of everclear to drink while your watching the fire.

  9. In some states the police [enforcers of public policy] are required to obtain the offender’s signature on the ticket so the state will have a signed contract where you agree to ‘appear’ in their venue and jurisdiction. When signing, in order to avoid liability, there are a couple of things you can do.

    You can sign where you unambiguously avoid being the accommodation party [assume a fiduciary position in relation to the legal fiction all caps name as it appears on the docket] by giving a qualified signature, ie.;
    By: John Doe, Agent

    Another way to avoid the presumption of contract would be to sign this way:

    [John Doe]
    Anything in brackets or a box does not exist on the document under the four corners doctrine. They therefore do not have your signature or a binding contract.

    I used this for the first time in court last month unrelated to traffic violations and the judge backed off immediately.

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